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Watch me in some films right here on your computer!

"Birthday" film in Real Player format (13 MB): A "Twilight Zone" -type Independant short film I starred in '99. It's 22 minutes long.... ENJOY!
My "Demo Reel" - in Real Player format (2.7 MB): short highlight clips of my work from the "Birthday" film
"Murder By Night" - in Real Player format (4 MB): A 50's Noir- style comedy in B + W - I play a hard-boiled tough-nosed Detective out to save the world...
"Day 11": I play an American soldier in Iraq. You will see me get shot and cough up blood and then get blown up in the opening scene!
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Jay's Facebook page: Check out my profile on Facebook ;^)


Thank you for visiting my web page here - I KNOW it's kinda CHEESY but it's been fun to share with my friends/family- enjoy!

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My Acting Resume/Screen Credits ('94 - current): Here is a list of all my Stage and Screen credits- including "EXTRA" work!
A Romantic Comedy (Screenplay) I wrote ('97): Read a semi-fictional account of my sex life (in MS WORD format)
Some Friends of Mine Pix (6/98): A handful of outtakes from my social life...
The FLIGHT ('98): My Just-Licensed-Pilot pal Garret gets us AIRBORNE, BABY!!!
Beam Us Down, Scotty!!!! ('98): Party Pix from Halloween, etc.... I was Captain James T. Kirk.
More Headshots ('98): How VAIN can a guy get? Just some more pix from my latest photo shoot...
There's MORE for ya!!!! ('98): Say hello to my Mom and Stepdad Dean!
This Is Getting Ridiculous! ('98): Meet my Dad the Tai Kwan Do MASTER!!!
PHOTO ALBUM 1 ('98): See New Year's Eve '99 and VEGA$ Pix!!!!
PHOTO ALBUM 2 ('99): My friend Jose's latest band "gig" with GROUPIES, Dad's Black Belt test, and Stepsister Jill's WEDDING!
The SMITHS/MOZ CONVENTION '99: Here is a "VIRTUAL TOUR" of this years weekend-long event!
Theatre Pix/ Ski Jump : See My Last Stage Performance and Ski Jump (From 4/98)
Yankee Doodles Crowd ('99): See some pix from Yankee Doodles!
June Pix! (6/99): The ReBar Reunion Party, DJ Scotty Boy Bash, and more!
Sheryl's 33rd B-Day Party Pix (3/99): My pal Sheryl had a Birthday and I brought a camera...
MORE SATH- PLUS a Morrissey-Solo.com fans' "House Party" in L.A. (6/99):
More Social Life Stuff (7/99): Yep I still lug around that cheap camera of mine...
More Summer Fun!!! (8/99): Here's some pix of more Summer fun- including my friend Dawn's delayed wedding reception/B-Day Party!!!
LOST PIX! (12/98): 3 Lost (accidently deleted) Pix from Xmas Time!
OCTOBER '99 FUN!: More pix!! Some Morrissey pals in Vega$, Ray's ROCKIN' Party, and more!!!
The HENDERSON Parties! (11/99): Scott Henderson's Halloween Party, 1-on-1 Hockey Tournament, and Turkey day with the Tando Bros...
I Have Even More Friends (REALLY) (12/99): Pix with fellow band groupies, Seattle Xmas-time visit, and more!
Y2K New Year's Party at Michael-the-CHICK's Place!: Very STRANGE events took place... ;^)
Elvi$ Wedding in Vega$!!! and Scott Henderson's 30th B-Day Party (2/00): See the fun you can only experince at the Graceland Chapel in Vega$ and PRE-STRIPPER antics fro Scott's Big Night
I Was a Sweet and Tender Hooligan (4/00): Here we are at yet another SATH gig- and then a few weeks later I got to actually step in and SING with the guys (in Jose's absence) for a rehearsal!!
Farewell to Richard Blade!! (4/00): Well after nearly 20 years of ROQ'n the radio waves and the L.A. club scene, KROQ's Richard Blade is retiring to the Carribean- but not before one last send-off!
Salford Lad's visit L.A. (5/13/00): The New York tribute band to the Smiths/Morrissey, "The Salford Lads" came out West to play a gig with SATH
Smiths/Morrissey Convention 2000 Day 2 (4/30/00) : Here are the rest of the pix from Richard Blade's last night hosting in L.A.
My first visit to New York (6/00): Yes I jumped on a plane and went East for a weekend...
4th of July in Seattle (7/00): My pal Garret flew us up in his BITCHIN' plane
October-November 2000 pix (11/00): Some pix of Safeco Field as the Mariners beat the Yankees in Game 6 of the ALCS - and Halloween...
"From I Do To I Don't!": Pix form a play I did this past Fall (2000)
Photo Shoot (11/00): I needed new headshots for my Agent recently so here are the ones I took...
My First Trip to Florida (3/01): I decided to go take an early Spring Break and join all the crazy kids in Southern Florida!!
The 2001 Smiths/Morrissey Convention in L.A.: Here we go again: another bunch of pix from this year's event
Summer 2001 Pix: I turned 32 in June and had a great Summer!!
Fall 2001 Pix: Hollywierd Halloween and more fun...
November 2001 Pix: New 80's Cover Bands, Pre-Turkey Day Fun, and more...
December 2001 Pix: Seattle X-Mas Visit, L.A. Fun, and more...
January 2002 Pix: Jon's 31st B-Day and San Diego There I Went
March 2002 Pix: Vega$ visit, Morrissey-Inspired Film Screenings, and the BEATLES (?)
April 2002 Pix: Sheryl's B-Day, Bjorn's CD debut show, Automatic Hotel, Loni's housewarming party and a few Smiths/Moz Con 2002 pix
I Filmed an IBM commercial!! (5/17/02): Yep I FINALLY got a "principal" role in a NATIONAL commercial ;^)
My 33rd B-Day Week (6/02): June 12th I turned 33 and for the next three days we celebrated in Hollywood, Vega$, and Simi Valley!
"A Flock of Seagulls" Play Santa Monica, CA club "14 Below" (6/19/02): Legenedary New Wave band play a great set for my first live show after waiting 20 years...
Jeff and Jay Meet Johnny Marr (7/5/02): Pix with the Ex-Smiths guitarist from the Neil Finn Show at the Hollywood House of Blues
I Met Boz Boorer as well (7/12/02, 9/7/02, 4/11/03): Damn I'm lucky- I met current Moz guitarist Boz Boorer a week later
Meeting Morrissey (7/02): Why do I keep mentioning the Smiths/Morrissey? Am I a FANATIC? Yes. Read all about it...
Christpher Walken PRE-OSCAR Party (3/03): Got to meet Christopher Walken again- what a class guy!
The Smiths/Morrissey Convention 2003! (4/03): This year's fun ;^)
I worked on 2 Nextel Commercials! (8/12 & 12/5/03): In August and again in December I was an Extra in 2 Nextel commercials
Video: Jay and Christel DO HAWAII !! (6/30/06): ALOHA! VIDEO of Fun times in Oahu!
My Facebook Pix page: To see my most recent up-to-date pix: visit this page ;^)