My Stage, Film, & Television Credits
Jay Tando's Stage, Film & Television Credits - Updated 6/15/2018


Height: 6'0''

Weight: 190

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel


"Spare Time Killers" - API Films - 2012

I Wrote, Directed, Produced and Acted in a feature film abou a pair of longtime hitmen falling out.

Watch the film trailer here:

You can rent it online:

or buy it on DVD here:

"Birthday" - Lead - Cal Arts Film/Natasa Prosenc - 1999

I played a manipulated introvert in this Twilight Zone-type short film.

watch the film (22 minutes) here:

"Murder By Night" - Lead - Necksnap Films/ Ted Ng - 1994

I was hard-boiled Detective Jack Irons in this 50's Noir spoof.

watch the film (10 minutes) here:

"Life and Limb" - Lead - UCLA Grad Film/Lisa Wiegand - 1994

I played a man who lost his left arm in WWI who is visited by his late wife's ghost.

Watch the film here:

"The Plight of The Beautiful" - Featured - Independent/Nikita Adams - 2003

I was the visiting husband of a nurse treating a psycho talk-show host


"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" - Lead - Malibu Stage Company- Rick Johnson- 2009

Pix from the play here:

"Diva" - Supporting - Malibu Zuma Rep/Rick Johnson 2008

I played the "boy-toy" boyfriend of the Diva.

Pix from the play here:

"From I Do to I DON'T!" - Lead - Lion Star Thetare/Ben Mathews - 2000

I played an Italian lawyer in New York City married to a Jewsih woman. This dramedy had our old-man In-Laws doing lots of schtick.

"Dream A Song For Sam" - Lead - Laughing Horse Productions - 1998

I was a Detective trying to solve a murder that a cat witnessed - and with the help of an animal hypnotist is able to see what the cat does- including all of the town's other dark secrets.

"Othello"- Supporting - Malibu Summerstage/John Marzilli - 1995

I played all the small messenger-type roles rolled into one fat part. I also under-studied for Cassio. Great fun.

"The Straw" - Lead- Malibu Theater By The Sea/Rick Johnson - 1995

I was the suitor of the play's heroine

"A Company of Wayward Saints" - Lead - Malibu Theater/ Rick Johnson - 1995

I played a young Actor looking to his elders in this play within a play.

"Moby Dick Rehearsed" - Lead - Malibu Theater/John Marzilli- 1995

Another play within a play as a young Actor

"Dixie" - Supporting - Malibu Theater/Rick Johnson - 1995

I had several roles: pizza delivery guy, limo driver, comic relief type parts. I brought my friend Jim Caviezel along and he had a cameo as we held a sign up together in one scene.

"Strays" - Supporting - Malibu Theater/Rick Johnson - 1994

I had a dual role: policeman and homeless person

"Hamlet" - Supporting - Malibu Theater/Terry Tamminen - 1994

Lots of smaller bit parts. Watched and learned from the veteran Actors.


Shakespeare Workshops/Lynne Redgrave - Malibu Summerstage/A Night of Shakespeare

Scene Study/ Technique - UCLA Extension

Drama - University of Washington Drama

UW Update- Producer, writer, and host - University of Washington Television


Most sports including football (High School Captain and Semi-Pro), basketball (High School and Adult Rec League), wrestling (High School), baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, surfing, snow skiing,racquetball, weight training, aerobics, dancing, etc... Also directing, writing and producing (stage and film). BA Communications/Psychology, University of Washington.

Here is the list of all the extra work I did:

Production Title - Type - Date - Role

Never Released Film B-Movie 8/93 Party Goer

The first moment I stepped onto the set I felt at home. I had a great time. They made me feel like a star. They never sent me the check.

Beverly Hills, 90210 T.V. 4/25/94 Theatre Goer

This was my first time on a T.V. set. Weird seeing all of the cast in person. I actually liked the show at the time.

Models, Inc. T.V. 5/23/94 Bar Patron

The assistant director asked me to lean over and kiss the fine girl I was paired with. I knew then I was in the right business

Nature Of The Beast Movie 6/2/94 Frisbee Player

Played frisbee way out in the desert.

Models Inc. T.V. 6/21/98 Airport Customer

Brothers Keeper T.V. Movie 6/22-24/94 Town Person

I was annoyed after they promised us they would pay extra for gas mileage (it was filmedin Santa Clarita- about 50 miles outside the L.A. zone) but the check didn't have it.When you are making a measly $40 a day that extra $5 helps a LOT.

Burkes Law T.V. 6/28-29/98 Tennis Player

That was a fun one. Lots of girls to bang the tennis balls around with at a cool countryclub.

Models Inc. T.V. 7/6/94 Night Clubber

Stuart Smalley Movie 7/8/94 Café Waiter

Melrose Place T.V. 7/12/94 Hospital Intern

Thomas Calabro is one hell of a funny guy in person.

Brady Bunch Movie Movie 7/13-18/94 High School Student

I had a blast doing a grungy version of the skate (Marcia Bradys dance). I had the director in tears laughing at my goofy Seattle moshing.

Dream On T.V. 7/19/94 Bar Patron

Weird Science T.V. 7/21-22/94 Coffee Shop Patron

Models Inc. T.V. 7/27/94 Night Clubber

Melrose Place T.V. 7/29-8/1/94 Design Employee

I played the role of gay clothing designer too well- fortunately I was later able to convince the hot brunette, Emily, I met on this set that I was strictly heterosexual-the fun way.

Untitled Talk Show T.V. 8/5/94 Hip Audience Member

Way before Jerry Springers time: brought in three cross-dressers in front of a bunch of people brought here and paid to provoke them

Picket Fences T.V. 8/10/94 Townsfolk

Melrose Place T.V. 8/15/94 Design Employee

E.R. T.V 8/25-9/9/94 EMT/Paramedic

Very cool set. George Clooney was very polite. This was waaaay before he got big.And he STILL is a CLASS guy to this day.

Freaky Friday T.V. Movie 9/13/94 Diner

Babylon 5 T.V. 9/19/94 Officer

I was paired with a stunning woman named Jane that I dated off and one for a few years. She is a wonderful woman.

Party Of Five T.V. 9/20/94 Diner

Melrose Place T.V. 9/22/94 Surfer

Sisters T.V. 9/23/94 Cop

Miller Lite Commercial 9/26-27/94 Football Fan

The one with the black guy and his dog going into the game - watching it on T.V. and jumping magically into the game live on the field after he says "Me and my dog can play better than that!" ... the dog then catches touchdown passes from him.

Outbreak Movie 9/28-29/94 Air Force Pilot

Apollo 13 Movie 10/3/94 Reporter

Models Inc. T.V. 10/5/94 Photographers Assistant

The End Movie 10/17/94 Costume Party Goer

I was in Hamlet on stage at the time so I wore my wardrobe- complete with tights. I also got my 1st SAG Union Voucher on this. (3 are needed to join)

Forget Paris Movie 10/25/94 Basketball Fan

10,000 extras for this scene where Billy Crystal kisses Debra Winger in front of the basketball crowd. They did the take 10,000 times as well... Another extra who was anexcellent harmonica player and a famous sax player (Dave Koz) played "dueling wind instruments" for us as well.

OP Center T.V. 11/2/94 Military

Saved By The Bell T.V. 11/3-4/94 Skier

Virtual Reality T.V. 11/9-11/94 Airport Policeman

Melrose Place T.V. 11/16/94 Bus Boy

Met Traci Lords. It was her first appearance on the show. I promptly went to the video store afterward and bought one of her pornos.

Three Wishes Movie 12/6-12/94 Townsfolk

Never actually worked the whole time. Never used us due to bad weather.

Car Wax Infomercial Commercial 12/29/94 Audience

The dumbest thing Ive ever seen in my whole life.

Miller Lite Ice Commercial 1/24/95 Mosher

Sunset Park Movie 3/9/95 Basketball Fan

Beverly Hills, 90210 T.V. 3/13/95 Grad Student

Chicago Hope T.V. 3/14/95 Lab Assistant

Voodoo Movie 3/16-23/95 Frat Dude

Heat Movie 3/28/95 Patron

This is the one I get the most attention from. I sat next to Robert Deniro and mugged for the camera as much as I could the whole scene.


Weight Watchers Infomercial Commercial 3/30/95 Surfer

A small whale went by us as we lay out on the beach. Another surfer and I chased after it. I dont know why - What were we gonna do if we caught it?

The Book Movie 4/4/95 Bus Passenger

Jonathan Brandis (the star) and I both had dated the same girl (Jennifer D). He dated herwhen they were twelve- his first girlfrend. He was her first kiss. I dated her when shewas eighteen (and I was 23).

He initially thought I was Michael Rappaport so he approached me in between takes and that's when I told him I had dated Jennifer and that she says "hello". He freaked out and for the rest of the day he folowed me around the set and asked me all about her. He was a cool guy. Sad to read he is now gone. Jennifer called me the day it was in the news...

Planet rules T.V. 4/6/95 Student

Pilot that never aired. The lead was a Jim Morrisson wannabe. We made fun of his tight lizard skin pants.

L+M Cigarettes Commercial 4/7/95 Bar Dude

And I dont even smoke

Mulholland Falls Movie 4/12/95 Waiter

Real Ghosts T.V. 4/19-20/95 Frat Guy

I got my 2nd and 3rd SAG Vouchers on this show and was then eligable to join the Union.

Looking For Richard Movie 4/95 Soldier

I got to fight Al Pacino (Richard III) and he slayed me. He remembered it later when I worked on the film "Heat" again as a stand-in:

Jay: Didn't you kill me last week?

Al: Oh, Yeah, I did

Bottle Rocket Movie 4/29/95 Diner


Up Close and Personal Movie 5/2/95 SWAT Team

Robert Redford must have been in a bad mood. He wasn't very polite when I saw him. Sad to meet your heroes and find them to be jerks. Other actor friends have met him and say he's a great guy. If I ever do meet him again I hope he proves them right.

Grace of My Heart Movie 5/5/95 Beach Bum

Alien Nation T.V. 5/10/95 Alien

Three hours of makeup to make an Alein. And then later anoher 1/2 hour to strip it off after we wrapped!!

Savage Movie 5/25/95 Bar Guy

Diet Dr. Pepper Commercial 5/26-28/95 Runner

Nick Of Time Movie 5/30-6/2/95 Republican

Dunstin Checks In Movie 6/3/95 Pedestrian

Livers Aint Cheap Movie 6/23/95 Hospital Guy

Sunchaser Movie 7/14/95 Hospital Guy

Sunchaser Movie 7/31/95 Highway Patrolman

Babylon 5 T.V. 8/4/95 Drazi/Tough Space Guy

After waering a rubber Drazi (alien) mask they made me a criminal type- but they had to add lots of dark make-up because they said I "looked too pretty" to be mean. BLAHH!

Space Jam Movie 8/14-16/95 Pedestrian

Simon T.V. 8/22/95 Pedestrian

The Late Shift Movie 8/23/95 Young Studio Executive

Later they used my arm to double for Jay Leno's as I arm-wrestled David Letterman's double for a publicity shot.

Lois and Clark T.V. 8/25/95 Attendant

I worked with Mac Davis- the guy who wrote all those songs for Elvis Presley and also starred in "North Dallas Forty". Mac was way cool. In one scene all you could see was my butt in the background. Of course my Mom recognized me immediately when she saw the episode aired on TV...

Pix from the show:

Video clip of my scenes:

"The Price Of Love" - T.V. Movie - 8/29/95 - Gay Porno Star

This one was a doozy The night before I was told that I would be playing a "film crew person" and I arrived on set only to be handed my wardrobe: a pair of boxers and a robe. I got the bonus plan. I was known on the set as "porno boy" and the director had me make eyes at the other actor ( Peter Facinelli ) for the scene. My mother was the first person I called (from a pay phone in L.A. on the set - to Seattle) to let her know first directly from me that I indeed was playing the part of a homosexual thespian- but not for real! Thank god the final cut had me blurry on the bed in the background. And it WAS just a movie-of-the week: no real smut going on. Of course all of my friends and family were well informed - and I still haven't heard the end of it. My mom even played the scene on a VCR at our extended family X-Mas party in front of all 50+ of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Pic from the show:

Video clip of the scene:

Lois and Clark T.V. 9/1-5/95 Attendant

Independence Day Movie 9/13-19/95 Marine

I sang along with Will Smith to some song by Boyz To Men after we wrapped. He's cool.

Maybe This Time T.V. 10/5-6/95 Coffee Shop Patron

Sister Sister T.V. 10/12-13/95 Beach Bum

Independence Day Movie 10/16/95 Officer

Jeff Goldblum remembered me from September and I had a nice chat with him. Another one of my actor idols as a kid.

Sweet Mouthful Movie 10/27/95

I don't remember what I did on this film... but it wasn't anything like the name suggested- I remember that much!

Spy Hard Movie 11/9-10/95 Secret Agent

This was funny. I was in a clear tube silent chamber and the gag was that I was trapped inside trying to get out in the background of the scene- but nobody could hear me- so for two days we shot it and then I went go see it and they had cut me out and re-shot the whole thing without it... The dailies were funny!

Coke Commercial 11/28-29/95 Pole Vaulter

Made a lot of money to hold a pole for a couple days. I had called my friend Garret Moose, a pole vaulter in college, the night before for the technique and on the set they all thought I was someone they saw in the European Track Championships that year!!

Kodak Commercial 1/29/96 Medical Student

Road To Ruin Movie 2/4/96 Night Clubber

Deep Space 9 T.V. 2/9-12/96 Rebel Flight Crew

Budweiser Commercial 2/28/96 Bar Guy

I was featured in this- and I might have gotten bumped up to residuals if this had aired. But it never did.

Twilight Of The Gold Movie 4/3/96 Theatre Goer

Met Brendan Fraser, a fellow Northwest Native and he was very nostalgic about the old days and Seahawks football.

That Thing You Do Movie 3/18-22/96 Soundstage Crew

Renault Commercial 5/16/96 Bank Patron

Austin Powers Movie 8/4/96 Bobby

I didnt know until I saw the movie that Mike Myers teeth were supposed to look really bad. He smiled and I tried to be polite by not laughing at him and his crooked teeth.

Starship Troopers Movie 8/22/96 Space Marine

Hid my long hair under a helmet. Got busted.

Mad City Movie 8/27/96 Bowler

Volcano Movie 9/6-10/9/96 Cop/Fire Search Rescue

I thought I would get my first line from this movie but it got cut.

Unlikely Angels T.V. Movie 10/22/96 Angel

They put sparkly stuff all over my face and wardrobe was a white robe with more sparkles. Yep I was angelic.

Buddy Movie 10/23-24/96 Theatre Goer

Sea Changes Movie 10/28/96 Beach Bum

Matt Dillon was in this. I had met him on location on the set of "Singles" filmed on the"Ave" (University Way) in Seattle when I was attending the University of Washington in'90. He was way too busy to chat then and thus I had no interest in talking with him this time. Oh, well.. maybe he's a cool guy.

Gattaca Movie 11/21/96 Diner

I was actually considered as a stand-in for Ethan Hawke for this. But I was too tall and light-haired. Uma Thurman introduced herskef to me at the interview. What a BABE. That was before they were and item. A few months later I was an extra in a re-shoot scene and they were definitely together. Damn.

Dukes Of Hazard Reunion T.V. Movie 12/496 Photo Double for "Buzz"

I met my boyhood heroes, Bo and Luke Duke (Toma Wopat and John Schneider) A very cool day indeed.

Sapparo Beer Commercial 2/97 Beach Bum

Got paid to dance around with babes on the beach. Yesss...

Keri Cosmetics Commercial 4/97 Paparazzi

The irony in this was that I played a photographer that day- then that night I went to my friends movie premiere and walked down the red carpet with the real paparazzi taking my picture- of course they didnt know who the hell I was ;^)!!!

Pepsi/Star Wars Commercial 3/99 T.V. Camera Man

They had us look up at the camera as if it was a SPACE SHIP flying down and swooping over us at the "Star Wars" premiere.

IBM Commercial 5/17/02 - Executive

My first "principal" role in a commercial with Residuals$

It was GREAT to FINALLY land a "principal" role in a NATIONAL commercial- wich meant great RESIDUAL$ !!

It was a fun shoot... My role was as "Conference Executive" and the storyline was "Hero Girl", played by Chantal Cousineau, is interrupted in our meeting by a cell phone call- presumably from the IT network people at her office- and she has to suddenly leave the boring Friday afternoon meeting to fix it. She then gets into her boyfriend's convertable waiting outside and reveals a bathing suit under her business suit. Apparrently that is the 3rd Friday in a row that "her network has been down"- and the point is to show that IBM's Linux network will never give any employees that excuse- as their system NEVER fails...

They gave me a page of "voiceover" dialogue to memorize when I arrived- but after 8 hours of filming everything else they decided they didn't need the extra dialogue after all (after memorizing it, of course) so I never even got to READ it for the camera- but hey I get paid the same regardless!!


AMEX Commercial 8/17/02 - Stock Broker

Public Service Announcemnet 8/30/02 - High School Student

"I Was A Teenage Drug Free American"

... yes I played a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT in a commercial spot for the Partnership For ADrug Free America... I am 33 years old. And yes, I had even experimented with drugs in my past. And I hadn't sat in a high school classroom since 1987... and yet everyone there said I LOOKED THE PART... even funnier: we were PASSING NOTES during the whole shoot!!


I entertained the cute girl in front of me by writing Morrissey lyrics that were composed by Moz years before she was even born in the 80's- and when I was about her age... GAWD the thing about these young actresses is all they want to do is flirt and use me for sex- they never appreciate my mind...

(ha ha ha ha was a joke)

The "star" of the commercial gets a BLOODY NOSE in the middle of class and everyone starts staring at her- the result of her COKE ADDICTION...

Life is good.

ahhhh... high school... it's like I never left...


Amazon.Com Commercial 10/01/02 - Dude

It will run seasonally at X-Mas time for the next few years (hopefully) ... there wereabout 20 of us on the set... It's supposed to be Winter Holiday Season and we are all standing in line with packages at the Post Office and generally pissed off at the long wait with a horrid jingle jangle holiday tune blaring in the background... I'm guessing that the Ad will focus on how using Amazon.Com this Holiday Season will allow you to avoid painfully long lines like ours... It was hysterical in that we were all bundled up in heavy coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. and it was a balmy sunny day in L.A. outside the set!!


AT&T Commercial 1/21/03 - Stockbroker

I played a stockbroker for a day...

It was set in a brokerage firm - and we all watch an update on a stock that plummets-and then everyone PANICS and the whole office goes into a mad frenzy with people screaming out to dump it- with papers flying everywhere and total pandemonium... we did about 100 takes and each one was hilarious!!


NEXTEL Commercial 8/12/03 - Businessman

I was a restaurant patron at a real upscale-swanky place in downtown L.A. and at the next table the two stars were seated- negotiating a salary over their phones. A fun day of pretending to eat the food in front of me for 8 hours...

pix from the set here:


NEXTEL Commercial (Again) 12/5/03 - Architect

I played an Architect in a firm downtown L.A.- we were on the 11th floor on a pretty cool set...

The main characters are going from model to model blasting each architecture design and the main star is trailing on his Nextel phone telling whoever is on the other line that the deal is going badly... Comedy ensues...

Pix are here

National City Bank (2/12/04) - Dude

Unfortunately it will only be shown in the Midwest so the only way I can see it is when they send me the tape!

The scene was a Garage Sale and I played a Bargain Hunter. I had a 6:30 AM call time and it was very chilly so while setting up the shot I wore my own black leather jacket- the one I had for 11 years and the first time I wore it on a visit home to Seattle my Dad hated. Well sorry Dad but the Director loved it and demanded that I wear it for the "master" shot of me looking over a model-yacht clock and other junk to buy. A million Mid-Westerners will make up their own mind about my old leather motorcycle jacket. Well, sadly a month later that jacket was stolen from cool 80's New Wave club in Hollywood. Oh, well- it will be saved forever on film...


SBC Mobile (5/6/04) - Dude

This was fun: 4 locations in one day! Three were Downtown L.A. with construction workers and subway riders- and the last location was in Echo Park at a market. I walked by in the background a few times for that one.

Fruit of the Loom (5/11/04) - Dude

Yes the famous Fruit costumes are still in use...

I was an audience memebr at a "Seminar" that was giving away "free underwear" but the joke was we all got subjected to a Tony Robbins- style motivational spiel by the Fuit of the Loom gang proclaiming "Change Your Underwear- Change Your Life!" It was all very funny and they gave me a speaking line when they unexpectedly shoved a microphone in my face asking me what I was there for: "For the free underwear!" was my improv'd reply... Unfortunately they didn't keep it in the final cut!!


DirecTV (10/30/04) Dude

It's New Year's Eve in Times Square in New York City (but we actually filmed on parking lot in Studio City, California with a "blue screen" behind us) and we count down the seconds as the ball drops! I was in the crowd dressed as a cold Manhattan-ite you can see me in the larger shot for about a second in the front row of revelers ;^)

Pix from the set:

MetLife Commercial (2/9/05) Resident

Set in a typical suburban neighborhood, an Asian couple (the Woos) have won a free surprise vacation and "total makeover" of their home and the cheesy announcer congratulates them in the street in front of their house- but to their surprise the wrecking crew demolishes the NEIGHBOR'S place- they had the wrong address... comedy ensues!! I was an extra playing an onlooking neighbor ;^)

Enjoy the pix from the set here:

I also took a video of the house getting crunched - watch it if you want to see that - it is way cool! VIDEO here:

Day 11 (short film) 5/7/05 - Soldier

I played a U.S. soldier in Iraq who get killed in the opening scene. Watch the film here:

Pix from the set:

Under Her Thumb (short webisodes) 12/11/06 - Office Guy

A very rough short film I am in by a first-timer in our Fox Theatre Group named Aldria Walker. It was for her film-making class so she got Actors from our FTG.She had never used a DV camera in her life and also the editing and sound was very rushed but hey not bad for her not having had any experience at all!

Budweiser Commercial 2/13/07 - Zebra

I worked on an Anheuser-Busch commercial called "Good Clean Fun"

In it I played a Zebra. For 11 hours I wore a Zebra costume.

So they flew in REAL college mascots from all over the country, including Arizona State's SUN DEVIL and Penn State's NITTANY LION - and even the real TRAVELER the Horse from USC! These guys were the real deal! Me, I was just an Actor in a Zebra costume.

My role was to mock the Ref my imitating his every move while he gives a pep talk to the collection of Mascots gathered on a basketball court (filmed on location at the Pyramid @ Long Beach State University)


Jay the Zebra


Nip/Tuck 6/25/07 - Club Party Dude

Well after partying until 1:01 AM at the L.A. Depeche Mode Convention Sunday night and taking website pix for my friends who promoted it! I was on the set the very next morning for a 7 AM call time for the T.V. show "Nip/Tuck"

I was a "stand-in" for one of the guest Actors named John Cantwell in a scene set in a dance club. Great guy. I look sort of like him so they used me as his double to set the lighting for his scene. And when I wasn't needed for that I was an "Extra" in the background - and get this: they handed me a camera and told me to "be that guy who takes pix of the people at a club".




Hehehehe well it was a fun FIFTEEN HOUR day - despite hardly any sleep the night before- look for me in the background snapping away pix of all the HOT CHICKS in the scene - I have no idea when it will air but I do know the episode wil also have guest star Lauren Hutton as well!! She looks GREAT!


Playstation 3 Commercial 9/27/07 - Gamer Dude

Well I just wrapped a National Commercial for Sony Playstation's "Buzz" videogame.

The premise is a family is camping in the woods and encounter a grizzly bear. After freaking out the bear leaves and they wonder what type of bear it is and they are magically transported into a living room set where the Playstation game "Buzz" is set up- like a Game Show where they press the buzzer button on the controller to be the first to guess the right answer. I played one of the dozen people in the living room cheering them on. I am seated on the couch next to the cute 16-year blonde daughter.

They shot the bear first on Green Screen. They did not let us in on the Set for that shooting but I did see him in the trailer- the beast was HUGE- over 1,000 pounds and nine feet tall standing up!

It was a fun day and it should be airing Nationally soon- so look out for me wearing khaki pants and a tan T-shirt and glasses cheering on the "Buzz" family!


NBA commercial 10/29 & 10/30/08 - Bus Tourist

PIX from the set at the Long Beach Arena:


We filmed 5 commercial promo spots for the NBA over 2 days! I played a tourist on a tour bus that virtually took us to several NBA arenas around the country- including L.A., San Antonio, Cleveland, and Detroit! We were shrunk down to tiny little 1-inch tall people and the bus was only a foot tall- so the players became 100 -foot tall giants! Ah the magic of the green screen! We just wrapped a 20-hour filming day !

Wells Fargo Bank Commercial 4/22/09 - Dad

I played a Dad moving in my Daughter to College on the USC Campus for a Wells Fargo Bank commercial. It involved moving her stuff into her Dorm. Lots of lifting and millions of takes.. fun times and excellent $ over 12 hours of shooting! Hopefully it will air soon- so look for me! Funny that technically I am indeed old enough to be the Father of a college student – as I will be 40 in June and the kid is supposed to be 18 – but the Actress was actually 27!! They all thought I could have been a student on the set!


Castrol Oil Commercial 5/29/09 - Dude


In the first shot they had me in the background walking to the burger joint to pick up my order as a blue car full of coins stops and the passnegr opens the door and a bunch of coins spill out. In the 2nd shot they changed my clothes and had me standing at a bus stop waiting as the blue car full of coins drives by.


Discover Card commercial 7/16/09 - Bartender

Today I played a Bartender in a Discover Card commercial shot at a bar in Hollywood. It was supposed to be an Irish Pub and I looked the part so I ended up being the drink-slinger serving the same 3 beers to the 3 main Actors about 100 times. There were about 15 other extras that I took fake drink orders from and faked pouring fake drinks to ;^)

A quick shoot as I am used to being on a set for several hours- but this one was *bang* done in about 2 hours!

Good times- hope I made it into the final cut!

Pic from the set here:

"Paul" Movie 8/20/09 - Captain James T. Kirk

I got my brother Jon and me cast as "extras" in this film about a pair of friends from England who are comic-book dorks and go to the San Diego Comic-Con. Jon and I areattendees of the event in the background. I am wearing a Captain Kirk shirt and Jon went as himself. The friends later drive to Nevada and find an Alien named "Paul". More info here:


Medco Pharmacy commercial 2/18/10 - Dude

I was just an everyday normal dude in the back of a crowd of about 30 people who are in a group that chooses Medco Pharmacy.


"Spare Time Killers" movie 6/6/2010 - released 3/1/2012 - Jay the Informant

I Wrote, Directed, Produced and Acted in a feature film abou a pair of longtime hitmen falling out. Watch the film trailer here:

You can rent it online:

or buy it on DVD here:

"Mad Men" TV show Season 4, Episode 6 “Waldorf Stories” 6/9/2010 - Businessman

One of the crew called me "Clark Kent" ;^) I was a Businessman for a flashback scene set in 1955 in "Mad Men" Episode 406: Waldorf Stories

Pix from the set:

Video of my scene:

Capital One commercial 7/9/2010 - Visigoth

I worked as an Extra on a Capital One commercial! I was a "Visigoth" (barbarian/viking) and I won't give out too many details as I don't want to get in trouble with the Production Company- but I think I can safely say it's a wedding scene- and I am in the Visigoth's wedding party. A fun day of swinging my sword and being a rogue looking for wenches at the wedding! No I don't get to say "What's In Your Wallet?" but it was a kick @$$ time on the set!


HBOGO.Com commercial 12/8/2010 - Busboy

I played a busboy at a greasy midwest diner!

pix from the set:

Carmax commercial 12/21/2010 - Hippy, Dad, and Nerd

I played 3 different roles here. I started out as a hippy banging bongos in a drum circle. Then I was a Dad at a swim meet watching a mermaid race. Then I was a nerd at a Robot Conventioon!

pix from the set:

Infiniti Car Commercial filmed on the Universal Studios Lot "European Street" 2/19/2011 Street Vendor circa 1800's


Comcast commercial 12/8/2011 - Businessman

Cut my hair after nearly 2 years of letting it grow out!


Marlboro Print Ad 12/19/2011 - Concert goer

I spent the day rocking out to some fake rock stars miming to songs by Nirvana, Peral jam, etc.!


LMFAO Music Video "Sorry For Party Rocking" - 1/24/2012 - Dancing Cop

I played a dancing cop who was NOT sorry for Party Rockin'!


Grey's Anatomy TV show 3/29/2012 Bellboy

I played a Bellhop at a hotel set in San Francisco

Pix of the Disney Lot (but no pix were allowed on the film set)

Big Time Rush TV show 4/20/2012 and 4/26/2012 - Paparazzi

I playd a paparazzi chasing for pix of the 4 dudes in the boy band.

Pix of me on set:

Look of Love (now known as "Face of Love") movie 4/27/2012 - Romantic Tourist

I was a tourist on vacation set on the beach. They paired me with three different women in three scenes as I was romantically dining, flirting and strolling along the beach - so technically I was married three times. I will wait and post pix of me and one of my three wives AFTER the film is out so I don't get in trouble with production ;^)

Walgreens "Anthem" Commercial 6/20/2012

I was an Extra in a scene set in a soda joint in the 1920's. Pix from the set:

See Dad Run (Ak.A. "Daddy's Home") TV show 8/16/2012 and 9/6/2012

I was an Extra playing a guest at at Scott Baio's house party vegetarian BBQ. My date and I react in horror at his youngest daughter exclaiming she wants a hamburger!

Baggage Claim movie 11/13/2012

I was an Extra playing a traveler at the airport.

The Kroll Show TV 5/20/2013

I was an Extra playing a Lawyer in a Law office and also in a courtroom scene.

The Kroll Show TV 5/24/2013

I was Uma Thurman/Kill Bill in a costume party scene. They gave me a blonde wig and a samarai sword.


Comcast Xfinity Super Bowl Commercial starring Jason Statham 1/9/2014

I was an Extra playing a passenger on an airplane during an attempted hi-jacking from Terrorists. Action star Jason Staham is on board and kicks Terrorist arse while watching a movie on his tablet.

Unfortunately I am not in any of the background passenger shots in the final cut. But the check sure was nice.


Computer Discount Warehouse - Commercial 2/25/2014

I was an Extra playing a Business man. The spot featured Charles Barkley (former NBA player)

Hail, Caeser! - Movie 12/13/2014 and 2/3/2015

I played a Roman Officer and marched with Caesar (George Clooney) and Gracchus (Clancey Brown)

Pix from the set:

From 12/13/2014:

From 2/3/2015:

I saved and scanned a copy of the Daily Call Sheet, Scene Script, and Storyboards from a day that I filmed "Hail, Caesar!" but to be safe I will hold off on sharing them on social media until the film comes out. Don't want to get in trouble. But I must say: they are pretty cool.

Update: movie is out and I saw it - but you can't really see me among the gazillion other Extras.

Nike Commercial - Unlimited Youth - 8/17/2016

I can be seen very briefly behind 86-year-old Sister Madonna Buder "The Iron Nun" at the 0:33 mark here:

Here is a still pic of me in the shot:

We did like a thousand takes that day on 6/16/2016!

Call Time was 7 AM and we got to the beach in Malibu and started shooting about 9 AM. We were about 20 yards from the surf and on "Action!" we sprinted and dove in and swam a few yards before they yelled "Cut!". We wrapped about 6 PM with an hour lunch break. It was Go-Go-Go! all day as we did take after take after take non-stop! There were about 100 of us "Triathletes". Initially I was placed pretty far from camera but the Director liked me and my energy so after the first few takes he came and got me from the far end of the line-up and he placed me directly behind the principal Actor, 86-year-old Sister Madonna Buder "The Iron Nun" - for the rest of the shoot. I ran, dove, and swam the equivalent of about 7 miles according to the FitBit of one of my fellow Actors.

HBO show "insecure" - 4/6/2017

I played a gentleman in Security on the HBO TV show called "insecure" filmed at Staples Center at the L.A. Kings game.

Here is a pic of me from the day:

SYFY Channel Comic Con Promo - 6/27/2017

I was booked to Cosplay as Star Trek's Captain Kirk... and then later they had me wear a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet and had me make out with 2 Star Trek Vulcan Cosplay girls for a SyFy Channel Comic Con promo. No tongue ;)

Here are some pix from the day:

Nike Commercial 9/27/2017
Played a Triathlete running into and swimming in the ocean in Long Beach, CA

Netflix TV Show "Best Worst Weekend Ever" 12/19/2017
I played a Tron Cosplayer

Netflix TV Show "Best Worst Weekend Ever" 1/18 and 1/19/2018
I again played a Tron Cosplayer. Was alaso a "Stand-In" for one of the Actors

TV Show "Modern Family" 3/9/2018
Jay as Comic Con Cosplayer on Fox Lot

The night before: Ha. I am so typecast. I am booked on another TV show tomorrow, as a Comic Con cosplay nerd. This time with my Bruce Lee "Game of Death" / Uma Thurman "Kill Bill" yellow jumpsuit.

At Fox Studio Lot: Odd... I had a day job here for 13 years, a desk job from 1997 - 2010 that ended 8 years ago. And now here I am on a sound stage, Acting... Playing a Comic Con cosplay geek for a television show. Funny how life goes...

I walked onto set in the holding area for check-in with my Bruce Lee "Game of Death" / Uma Thurman "Kill Bill" costume and the wardrobe girls immediately asked me to be a "Space Boy" and gave me a bizarre skin-tight spandex version of a sci-fi hero straight out of "Flash Gorden" circa 1980.






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