Hollywierd Halloween 2001

I boldly went where MANY men have gone before: West Hollywood- for the annual Halloween street fair...

James T. Kirk did NOT have this in mind when he wanted to beam down and explore strange new worlds...


Unfortunately (or maybe it's a GOOD thing) most of my pix didn't turn out- let's just say that there are some VERY mixed up people that come out on Halloween in THIS neighborhood!! The women were STRONG and the men were PRETTY... They had several stages with bands and big-screen projections beaming to the crowd and the rest of the world...



THIS, ummm, person, posed as Mariah Carrey in the Sanitarium... "sHe" was actually walking down the parade in a 5x5 foot BOX "cage" ... fortunately this one DID turn out ;^)


These two "Catholic Schoolgirls" stopped me on the sidewalk and asked me what I thought they were for Halloween. My reply was "two girls who superglued their heads together". Gawd Bless America.


This freakazoid was the last monster I saw in the neighborhood- worth a pic!!!

At the Larrys Halloween Bash Jen "Britney Spears" meets Richi Ray "John Lennon" !!

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