IBM Commercial 5/17/02

I worked a day on an IBM commercial ;^)

Here is a LINK to see the commercial on your PC (.AVI file)

Myself, Chantal, and Larry in the board meeting

Here is the conference room

Here is the "Hero Girl" Chantal Cousineau

Yep I was an "Executive" for the day


It was GREAT to FINALLY land a "principal" role in a NATIONAL commercial- wich (hopefully) means great RESIDUAL$ !!
It was a fun shoot... My role was as "Conference Executive" and the storyline was "Hero Girl", played by Chantal Cousineau, is interrupted in our meeting by a cell phone call- presumably from the IT network people at her office- and she has to suddenly leave the boring Friday afternoon meeting to fix it. She then gets into her boyfriend's convertable waiting outside and reveals a bathing suit under her business suit. Apparrently that is the 3rd Friday in a row that "her network has been down"- and the point is to show that IBM's Linux network will never give any employees that excuse- as their system NEVER fails...
They gave me a page of "voiceover" dialogue to memorize when I arrived- but after 8 hours of filming everything else they decided they didn't need the extra dialogue after all (after memorizing it, of course) so I never even got to READ it for the camera- but hey I get paid the same regardless!!
Look for it on T.V. nation-wide - hopefully very soon!!

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