to read/print this in WORD script format: ---- ďEXTRASĒ Written by Jay Tando First Draft: June 11, 1997 SYNOPSIS "Extras" is a romantic comedy in a day-in-the-life format set in the 1996 Los Angeles club scene. Ray McQuayne is a young wanna-be actor who is at a crossroads in his life. He is beginning to question his goals and his exploits in trying to "make it" as an actor. He has several friends who he knows through his social life in the nightclubs and other fringes of the entertainment industry. It is through his interaction with these "clubbers" that he finds motivation to keep struggling on. But he doesn't always listen to the plain advice that he gets and he is caught in a viscous cycle of egoism and lust. He now realizes that several years have passed and thinks that maybe it's time for a change. Then along comes a girl named Sandra... The Characters (Unless otherwise noted, the following are all amalgams and not to be confused with real people) Ray McQuayne Ray is a late twenty-something legend in his own mind. He can't believe he's been in Hollywood for as long as he has and hasn't become a big star. He is constantly being humbled in his social life but still he presses on. He seems to think he'll find the perfect woman in one night on a dance floor and usually gets rejected. He thinks that every basketball game he appears in he'll be the star yet he often stumbles and they lose. But despite the adversity he's optimistic about himself and it's when he starts to question his own motives that he begins to grow as a person. (An exaggerated version of Jay Tando). Sandra Backland Sandra is a woman trying to move on with her life. She was in a bad relationship with an overbearing ex-boyfriend, Stan, and is still weary of all men in general. But at the same time she is beginning to hear the biological clock ticking in her head and seeing an older couple in her restaurant sets her romantic wheels turning- possibly towards Mr. Wrong. She is outwardly very strong and her sidekick, Sarah, worships her- yet she starts to fall for Ray's charms despite herself. She regrets the club scene and yet she finds herself returning and now she finds herself struggling with her feelings with yet another "player" in Ray. Sarah Sarah is a proud bisexual woman who likes to live vicariously through Sandra. Though she knows Sandra is only attracted to her as a friend she still is very possessive of her and protective of her around others- especially men. At first she despises Ray for what he is- a player- but she does see something more to him and it is then that she begins to accept the possibility that he may indeed be human after all. She doubts it. Jared Jared is Ray's friend and compatriot. Like Ray, he knows he's a player yet could care less what people think of him. He accepts Ray's eccentricities but isn't afraid to put him in his place every once in a while. More of a stronger, silent type than Ray, who is always trying to be the center of attention. (An exaggerated version of Garret Moose). Annette Annette is a woman who had a fling with Ray and is now being pursued by Jared. She wants to know what makes men like Ray and Jared tick. She enjoys putting them on the spot yet isn't vindictive of their confessed womanizing. A real tease. "EXTRAS" FADE IN: INT Santa Monica. Apartment bedroom. Night. A young blonde man, RAY, in his twenties is dressing in front of his mirror. Apparently going out for the evening. Morrisseyís ďThe Last of the Famous International PlayboysĒ is playing on the stereo and he dances as he dresses. INT Hollywood studio apartment. Night. A young blonde woman, SANDRA, in her twenties is dressing in front of her mirror. Apparently going out for the evening. ďHeart of GlassĒ by Blondie is playing on the stereo as she dresses. CU- She slides a short black mini-skirt up her legs and up to and around her slim waist. Pan up to reveal that she wears a simple white oversized T-shirt that she seductively ties in a knot at her waist as she sings along to the music... INT Santa Monica Apt. Bedroom. Night. Ray pulls his tapered white jeans up and tucks his white T-shirt in as he sings along to the music. He is adoring himself in the mirror. He slides his black sportcoat on elegantly and continues to sing and gyrate to the music... INT Hollywood studio Apt. Night. Sandra is slipping on her black penny loafers when the phone rings. She rushes to the stereo and turns the volume down and she picks up her pink flashing phone (the see-through kind that also blink when they ring). SANDRA Hello? Yeah this is Sandra... Who? How do I know you? No I donít think so. She hangs up the phone. Then to herself: SANDRA Whatever. INT Santa Monica Apt. Bedroom. Night XCU- Rayís phone ringing. He picks it up and holds it up to his mouth and he settles into his desk chair: RAY Ray McQuayne... because it sounds professional... hold on, thatís me... Ray... OTS- Ray slips on his black penny loafers and kicks them up on his desk as he talks ...McQuayne... Hey look, man I got another call Iíll see ya at 80's night later alright? See ya... Yeah, ya there? How ya doiní Donna... Yeah Iím going... Itís like, my night... So do I get to see you there or what? ... Alright then, well listen honey Iím runniní a little late here so I look forward to well, you know... no Iím just kidding, Iím harmless... no really... no, if theyíre attracted to me, then yes, Iím dangerous, but if theyíre not, then they can relax... Yes Iím aware of that opinion of me... I, uh donít agree with it... okay then Iíll see ya there. Bye-bye. Ray hangs up and goes over to start the song on his CD player over again. Stops. He thinks a moment and goes back to the phone. Dials. Ray Jared? Hey this is Ray... sorry I had to cut you off there... listen uh, Donnaís cominí tonight and, you know things kinda might happen, you know... is that cool? Yeah, I know, Iím just trying to keep things crystal clear, ya know? All right then, Iíll see ya in a few... later. Ray goes to the mirror one more time and smiles a smirky grin at his reflection and walks out to... INT Rayís Santa Monica Apt. Living room. Night. A clean living room- typical bachelor pad but for the cleanliness. Ray struts through the room like a Tomcat to the door. INT Sandraís Hollywood Studio Apt. Night. XCU- Sandra is applying her lipstick in the mirror. RACK FOCUS to the background where her friend, SARA, is watching. Sandra I donít know, Sara. Itís like, what the hell are we doing anyway? At least the music will be good. Sara Give me a break. You know you love haviní all those guys checkiní you out in there. Admit it. Sandra Anything to keep my mind off Stan. That fucking asshole. The guys are gonna see some young, free and single women tonight. But they ainít gonna get what they want... TILT on Sandra from behind. She turns and faces Sara, triumphantly, with a confident hand on her hip, seductively: ...theyíre gonna wanna die trying. Sara laughs Sara You are the queen of cheese, Sandra. But youíre right. Sandra gets her purse and looks Sara over. Sandra Are you sure you donít wanna change? Itís 80's night, not Diva 90's , honey! Sara I donít care. I just wanna hang out, you know? You can be the waver-chick. Iíll stay right here in the alternative 90's, thank you. Sandra But thatís the whole point of tonight, Sara. Whatever... OTS- Sandra nods her head towards Sara. ...Letís go. Sandra grabs her keys off her desk and they walk out of her studio into... EXT Hollywood Apt. Courtyard. Night. Sandra leads through the walkway and walks sexy like a cat with Sara behind her out to her car. Sara God damn you for that fine ass! INT Rayís car. Night. Ray is driving to the club. On the radio is a familiar D.J.ís voice: Richard Blade (V.O.) Alright, KROQ! The happening place to be tonight is at the REBAR in the San Fernando Valley. Thatís right weíre back to give away some KROQ concert tickets, key chains, condoms, and Iíll be playing some of your favorite flashback favorites tonight as well at REBAR in Woodland Hills, corner of Victory and Topanga in the San Fernando Valley. See ya there tonight! KROQ! Ray turns the radio up. 311's ďDownĒ starts. He mocks Richardís English accent: Ray K-ROQ!! INT Sandraís car. Night. Sandra driving. The same song is playing as they are listening to the same station as Ray was. Sandra I do not want to stand in line for an hour tonight! The way they hype this place itís almost not worth dealing with it. Sara Relax. We are gonna make it fine. You know all you have to do is tellíem you know Richard or Scotty and theyíll skate us right in. Sandra Thatís cheesy. I donít wanna be another ďRichard Blade- chick.Ē Iíll wait in line. Sara Heís totally got a girlfriend now. You know that. Weíll be early, anyway. Sandra Ya think? Well itís been a while so Iíll believe it when I see it. EXT ReBar Dance club. Night. ESTABLISHING shot of ReBar: PAN down from sign above entryway and CRANE onto long line of people waiting to get in. Sandra and Sara drive by into their parking spot. Sandra winces at the line as she pulls in. Sandra Call me a ďBlade Chick.Ē I canít believe that many people are here this early. Itís what, ten- thirty? Címon! Sara Thatís no ďartificialĒ line either. A lot of clubs do that so they look busy. This place is just plain overfilled. Letís just try to see if Scotty Boy can hook us up. Sandra fiddles with her keys and decides to give in. Sandra All right. Whatever. TRACK- Sandra and Sara as they walk to the front of the line. Sandra is definitely getting checked out as they pass the CLUBBERS. She is used to it. Sara smiles and she knows it to. OTS- D.J. SCOTTY BOY at podium at entrance. He sees the girls approaching and smiles. Scotty Boy Sandra? How long has it been? You got my flyers? Sandra Yeah I gotíem . Iíve been kinda out of the scene for a while. This is Sara. Scotty Boy Itís been a while, all right. Iíve seen you around before, right, Sara? Sara Yeah, at the Beach House. You used to D.J. there too, right? Scotty Boy Thatís right. That was a while ago. Look, Iím only letting people in free before ten-thirty with Ď80's stuff on, but Iíll let you in cuz youíre old regulars. Go ahead. The girls smile at Scotty Boy and get stamped and enter the club. Ray pulls up and smiles as he recognizes some of the faces in line. Ray turns into a space looking at the line. Ray Ah-Yeah! FOLLOW- Ray struts over to the line. He recognizes some old friends in line and approaches them. OTS- TERRY and JOE see Ray approaching and smile. Terry leans over to Joe and points. Terry Itís Ray. Ray How you doiní girls? Terry Good. Howíve you been? Ray Good. Good to see you guys. Why are you guys in line? You know this is Scottyís gig, right? Letís go. Joe Are you sure? Ray Yeah. I calledíem earlier tonight and warned him how crowded it used to get before. So weíre good. Címon... OTS- Ray leading them up the line and gesturing to other people he recognizes vaguely in line. POV- Ray and girls as they approach Scotty Boy. Scotty recognizes Ray and smiles. Scotty Boy Ray McQuayne. Ray Scotty Boy. Ray shakes hands with Scotty and poses for him. Scotty looks at him kind of confused and then laughs. Scotty Boy Whatís up? Yeah I guess the jeans and T-shirt are 80's... Ray Yeah they are. I got the jacket in Ď91, though.You know Terry and Joe, right? Scotty Boy Yeah, of course. You got your VIP Card? Forget it. I have to charge you two bucks because itís after ten-thirty, though. Ray Oh, all righty then. I can spring for the girls... Ray leans in closer ...Saw my pimp today. Scotty laughs Terry and Joe get money from their purses. Terry We can cover our two bucks, Ray. Ray Look, I mean, I try to be- what can you do? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Scotty Boy nods his head back and smiles Scotty Boy All right Iíll see ya in there. FOLLOW- Ray as he enters into the REBAR, a smaller dance club very packed with The Cureís ďJust Like HeavenĒ playing as he walks in. Just as he enters, SCOTT approaches, offering his hand. Scott Ray! Howís it going? Youíre just in time to hear some Smiths! Ray Save the wave, man! Can you believe this? This is what itís all about. The Smithís ďBigmouth Strikes AgainĒ starts and Scott and Rayís eyes light up. Scott Gotta dance! Scott moves over to the dance floor. FOLLOW Ray and Scott to the floor where Ray greets people on the floor as they dance. Sandra is dancing on a Pedestal. PAN- Sara watches from the edge of the dance floor. Sara as she notices Ray dancing. Ray looks over and catches her eye as she looks away towards Sandra. PAN- Ray follows her look and sees Sandra. XCU- Heís mesmerized. Ray as he leans over to Scott and speaks in his ear. Ray Whoís the blonde on the stage? Scott I donít know. She looks kinda familiar from the old ReBar days, though. FOLLOW- Ray gets a sudden grip of confidence and thinks a moment to himself before approaching the pedestal that Sandra is seductively gyrating upon. Ray jumps up onto the pedestal next to the unexpecting Sandra. Ray Mind if I join you? Sandra whips around and gives him a cold stare. She then jumps down and we FOLLOW her as she joins Sara and they talk closely together. Sara I saw that. What did he say? Sandra I donít know. I just turned around and there he was. I hate it when guys think they can get on me like that. Ray dances on the pedestal. He watches them out of the corner of his eye as they talk and tries to look smug up there at first and then becomes concerned and steps down. He is annoyed and confused that he was misunderstood. Or was he? Sandra and Sara are still talking close over the music, which has changed to ďTarzan BoyĒ Sara Iíve seen him around. Heís a player. Look at him, he thinks heís a total stud. Sandra is watching him as he steps down and dances by himself and starts laughing with his friends. XCU- She is making up her mind about him but isnít quite sure. Then she thinks about all the other guys who have tried to get her and scowls. Sandra He thinks heís hot but heís a geek. Címon letís go. To the ladyís room. Join me? LS- They walk off to the restroom and camera PANS to Ray and he glances back at them as they leave. He turns to face Scott who is tapping his shoulder. Scott I remember her now. Total ice queen. As I can see you figured that one out okay. Ray Címon, all I did was ask if I could join her... Scott Hey, moves are moves, Ray, and sheís not goiní foríem... But I remember talking to her one night a few years back. She was pretty cool... So... Scott shrugs his shoulders and goes on dancing. MS- Ray walks off the dance floor and spots JARED and they shake hands. Ray Hey man. This is what it used to be like when I first moved here. Brings back some memories. What do ya think? Jared Pretty cool. Itís brighter than Iíve seen before- Ray You seen Donna yet? Jared No. I havenít exactly been looking either. Ray sees a few more friends and nods over to them. Ray Well it looks like the usual old gang of idiots. I like it. Jared So whatís with that girl? Ray What girl? Jared The one who blew you off on the stage over there. CU- Jared grins a devilish grin. Ray Fuck you. Sheís a bitch. Sheís a fucking fine ass bitch, though. Donna and her friend Tammy as they come up behind Ray and Jared. Donna (mocking voice) Ray McQuayne here! Ray and Jared turn around to face them. Jared does a double take as he recognizes his ex-girlfriend Donna. He coolly catches himself. Jared Hey! Ray as he puts his arms around both of them and another song is starting: Dexieís Midnight Runnersí ďCome On Eileen.Ē Ray Letís go! FOLLOW- The four of them go out onto the floor which fills up again. Sandra and Sara at the dance floor edge. Sandra is watching Ray dance with Donna but trying not to be obvious. Sara catches her. Sara What, do you think heís cute now or something? CU- Sandra as she watches Ray. She grins slightly. Sandra Heís actually not that bad... XCU- Back to her tough facade as she sees: Ray dancing close to Donna. ... but heís still a player. Ray catches her look and looks away. He knows that sheís the one... He turns to Donna and kisses her on the cheek. TILT DOWN- on Ray as he looks down on Donna, his arms around her waist. Ray Itís good to see you. Iím gonna go say hi to some friends... OTS- Then, sweetly: Thank you for dancing with me. They grin and she joins Jared and Tammy dancing and Ray kind of half bows and walks off the dance floor. FOLLOW Ray as he looks over to the D.J. booth and spots RICHARD BLADE spinning New Orderís ďBizarre Love Triangle.Ē He approaches the booth. OTS- Ray waits a moment for Richard to take his headset off and turn to see him. Richard Blade Hey, how are ya? Ray Good, man. Good to be back, huh? Howís it feel? Richard Blade Great! What do want to hear tonight? Ray You know, I ďJust Canít Get EnoughĒ of your Depeche Mode flashbacks! Richard Blade You got it! Richard is interrupted by some other fans and turns away as Ray slaps his hand. Sandra sees Ray talking to girls nearby and suddenly walks alone over to him. FOLLOW her as she approaches. She stands silent behind him patiently as he flirts oblivious to her behind him. FLASH over to Sara who just rolls her eyes. Sandra stands behind Ray. PAN around Sandra as she acts like she is checking Ray out from behind. Ray notices the girls start to grin and he turns around to face Sandra. Sara starts to move over to them. Sandra and Ray make eye contact. He is speechless. She is gorgeous. He takes a moment to gather himself and starts to say something- Sandra You know Iíve been watching you. Ray Um... you know Iím really sorry if I did somethiní to- Sandra Donít worry about it. I just get a lot of that. Is that your girlfriend or whatever out there? Ray Well, no... Is that your girlfriend beside you? PAN RIGHT to reveal Sara glaring at Ray. Sara Yeah she is my girlfriend. What, you got some kind of problem with that? Does that make you uncomfortable? He is flustered- but just for a moment. Then he shoots back. Ray Hey, you know, thatís great. Whatever floats your boat, maíam. Whatever turns your crank. If thatís your happy crack then smoke it. Sandra canít help but laugh. Sara grins a small grin but tries to keep her cool. Ray looks down and smiles apologetically. Ray Iím sorry. Iím just kidding around. Iím Ray. To Sandra: I know you probably think that I was trying to get down your pants up there and well, your almost kinda half right. Iím kind of a pedestal guy and I thought we could be pedestal, uh, you know, share the... be up there together platonically. Sandra nods like she only half believes him. She is grinning, though. Sandra You definitely are different. You kinda have your own little thing goiní on here and Iím sorry if I came off like such a bitch. PAN- over to Sara. She canít believe her friend is talking to this guy. Both Ray and Sandra looking at each other. Ray gets a dreamy look in his eyes and Sandra canít decide if he is faking it or what. Puzzled, she puts her hand on his chest and pushes him off and walks off onto the dance floor, grabbing Saraís hand on the way. Ray is puzzled. But he realizes he should just be cool and fights his instinct to chase after her. Ray turns back around to see everyone staring back and sheepishly grins and surrenders with hunched shoulders. EXT- ReBar. Night. In the line out front of club a short, stocky, handsome man, Stan, waits in line with a friend, Bobby. He acts cocky but at the same time he is insecure. Stan How fuckiní long do we have to wait out here? Itís been half an hour! Bobby I know. Itís bullshit. Stan Sandra better be here. Bobby Sara said they were going, so... INT Inside club. Depeche Modeís ďI Just Canít Get EnoughĒ comes on and Ray hurries out to the dance floor- joining a group of friends singing along. Stan and Bobby enter the club. FOLLOW them as they go to the bar. TILT on Stan as he orders a drink and looks out into the crowded floor for Sandra. POV-Stan. Sandra dances closer to Ray and pushes his shoulder to get his attention. He acts innocent and hurt as she slinks around him like a cat. Ray is loving it. Stan downs his drink and then Bobbyís, too. Heís pissed. FLASH- to Ray and Sandra. She is teasing him yet he wonít give in and touch her. This is new to her and she likes it. Ray acts insulted and starts to walk away and then turns and grabs her around the waist. She acts shocked and pushes him away- though she is smiling. POV- Sara on Ray as he slowly moves towards her like a cat when he is suddenly shoved out of the frame. OTS- Stan as he rushes Ray. ZOOM- in on Rayís sprawled body up to his face. In an instant he decides that now is the time to finally unload on somebody. POV-Ray gets up and grabs both of Stanís shoulders and knees him in the groin. Rays then quickly grabs the back of Stanís head and bashes his knee up to his face and pushes him to the ground. On the ground he scrambles onto him and puts him into a full Nelson. Into his ear: Ray Relax, asshole. Itís over. Just relax. Bobby rushes in on Ray. Jared grabs him and literally carries him out of frame. EXT Outside REBAR at entry way. Later. Jared and Ray are talking with Bobby and a wobbly Stan. Ray turns to Scotty Boy who is standing to his right. Ray Scotty, you know Iím not one to start something like this. Youíve seen me around- you know... Youíve got nothing to worry about. Scotty Boy Itís cool. I just gotta look out for the owner. You know... Ray Yeah. Here, let me take care of these guys... Iím sorry, man. OTS- Ray. Scotty Boy nods and goes back inside and Ray turns to Bobby. Ray Look, I donít know what the situation is here but letís get this all cleared up. I donít wanna be lookiní over my shoulder every time I go out. Can we get this straightened out or what? Bobby Itís his girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend- Jared What is his girlfriend doing hanging all over Ray then? Ray He said ďexĒ Jared... Okay, let me tell you right now that I have no interest in somebody elseís girlfriend. The thought of it makes me sick. Now if these guys are, whatever, not together then thatís different. I donít wanna be the middle man here. You understand? Bobby Yeah. Look, he just got a little drunk. I donít know. They- you know... Ray Alright. I donít want any more of this bullshit and I hope you guys donít either. Ray smiles. Looks for a response from Bobby. Bobby Heís pretty fucked up, man. I donít know... Ray shakes his head. Ray Okay. Whatever. Iíll... Letís go Jared. Ray and Jared walk away towards the entrance. Jared looks back at Bobby. Jared Fuck you! Ray rolls his eyes. Faces Jared. Ray Iím gonna go. I donít wanna make a big deal in there. Ordinarily I would. I havenít been in a fight in years... Plus Scotty... I donít wanna deal with it. I hope that fucker doesnít try to sue me or anything... Jared You had several witnesses. That guy totally jumped you. Heís fucked if he thinks anything will go to a hearing in court. Ray Thanks for coveriní my ass in there. Finally youíre there to actually see somethiní when it happens... Jared smiles. ...So Iíll see ya later. Say goodbye to everybody for me. Try to get that girlís name and, well, donít ask for her number but offer her mine if she wants it, all right? Jared nods and they shake hands. Jared leaves back into the club. FOLLOW Ray as he walks alone to his car. He is still edgy and shakes as he puts his keys in the door. INT Rayís Santa Monica apartment. Bedroom. Night. Ray lies awake in bed. He looks at his clock. 4:12am. Shakes his head. INT Rayís Santa Monica apartment. Bedroom. Dawn. Ray lies awake in bed. Looks over at his clock. 6:34am. Frowns. FADE TO BLACK. INT Rayís Santa Monica apartment. Bedroom. Morning. Ray is asleep in bed. Wakes up and looks at his clock. 9:35am. Shakes his head. Reaches over and dials his phone. Ray Hey Ernie? Hey this is Ray McQuayne... Yeah Iím sorry. Look, I just fell asleep a little while ago. I kinda had a rough night... So Iíd like to come in and do the filing later this- or after lunch if thatís cool. Maybe Ryan can do the mail or somethiní...Well I got into a fight... I mean, Iím all right itís just...I couldnít sleep...and... thanks man. Iíll see ya in a few. Thanks. Bye. Ray goes back to sleep. INT Sandraís Hollywood studio apt. Morning. Sandra is very tired. Sara has slept on the couch next to her bed and is still sleeping. It appears as if Sandra has had little or no sleep at all. She looks down on her coffee table at a piece of paper. CU on paper reveals Ray McQuayneís name and number. She picks it up and breathes out a sigh that then turns into an annoyed moan. INT Sandraís Hollywood studio apt. Day. Sandra is getting ready. She wears a nice skirt and blouse. She goes over to Sara, who is still sleeping on the couch. Shakes her a little. Sandra Wake up, Sara... Sara rubs the sleep out of her eyes. Sara You goiní to work? Sandra Uh-huh. You can leave whenever. Iíll call ya later today, okay. Thanks for staying, hon... Sara looks at the paper on the coffee table. Looks up at Sandra accusingly. Sara Youíre gonna call him arenít you? Sandra No. Sandra then looks away smiles a little bit. INT Office. Day. LS- Ray strolls through the hallway. He is wearing a suit. FOLLOW Ray on his way to a cubicle. In the adjacent cubicle, Ryan, a co-worker looks up and sees him. Ryan gets up. Heís a little surprised to see Ray in a suit. Ryan Dang, man. Why you weariní a suit today? Ray is a little self conscious for a moment. Then he grins and leans in closer. Ray Iím trying to stay cool. I got in a fight last night. CU- Ryanís reaction. Total disbelief and then canít help smiling. Ryan YOU did? Ah, man, I gotta know about this one... Man, how did you get into it... Nah, man, you did not get into no fight- thereís no- Ryan realizes Ray isnít kidding. He now whispers intently and checks himself. ...Damn man, what happened? And why you gotta be leaviní all this mail for me to do by myself? Ray Like thereís any mail you canít-... No, man, I got jumped. It was nothiní but I couldnít sleep last night afterward so here I am. Ray describes and motions the episode the evening before. Ryanís eyes widen and he laughs. INT Upscale casual restaurant. Day. Sandra is the Host. OTS- Sandra as she greets a couple arriving for a late afternoon lunch. Sandra Hi, how are you today? Party of two? Man nods. Man Fine, thank you. Weíd like a window seat, please. Sandra We can do that... She turns around and scans the tables behind her and turns back, smiling. ...Right this way, please. FOLLOW Sandra as she leads the couple to their table. POV- Sandra as she watches the man lead his date into her chair. She thinks to herself for a moment and starts to walk back to the front desk. Sandra Enjoy. INT Rayís Office. Late afternoon. Ray is putting away the last of a handful of files when his pager goes off. He checks it. Rayís Desk at cubicle. Ray is on the phone. Ray So whatís the story... You get her number? Well I should have asked myself anyway... How Ďbout mine? She got it? Good. By the way, whatís her name? Sandra Backland? That should be easy... For what? Oh, Iím gonna 411 all over that! FLASH- to Ryan in next cubicle is eavesdropping, which isnít too difficult considering Ray is loud and the cubicle walls are thin. Ryan shakes his head smiling. Ray on phone. Ray Let me worry about that all right, Jared? Thanks... I know, I know... Okay so Iíll see ya at Alecís party and then the ball game, right? Alright, see ya. Ray hangs up and dials phone again. Ray Yeah, the Valley... Backland, Sandra Backland... No? Thanks, bye... Ray hangs up and dials again. ...Hello? Uh, yes, um, Hollywood... Yeah, um Sandra Backland... Iím assuming itís B-A-C-K-L-A-N-D... Yeah... thanks, thank you very much... XCU- Ray as he listens and writes the number down. Heís got that cocky smirk again. FLASH- to Ryan at his cubicle. He shakes his head again. Ray dialing phone. He hangs up quickly and thinks about what he wants to say. Dials. Ray thinks to himself as he waits for phone to pick up. Ray Hi this is Ray McQuayne here... um, Iím leaving you a message. Yes Iím talking to your machine. Yes thatís right Iíve uh, got your number and I could reveal my sources but then Iíd have to kill you... So I hope to see you again, well without any jealous ex-boyfriends, you know, hovering around or any questionable sexual- preferanced girlfriends ready to... not that I have anything against women in comfortable shoes... Okay I better go now... I wonít bother you with any more phone calls... I guess if I did that would make me a ...stalker. All righty then bye. FLASH- to Ryan. He canít believe what he just heard. Heís now standing close to the cubicle wall. Ray turns around and notices the top of Ryanís head above the wall behind him. TILT- over Ray as he slowly rises to look over the wall. He looks at the surprised Ryan. He pauses a moment, then: Ray I donít know! Itís worked before. I think. Both as Ryan looks at him just shaking his head Ryan Youíre a crack-up, man! INT Sandraís Restaurant. Early evening. Sandra is at the desk dialing the phone. Sandra Hello, Sara? Youíre still there? Jesus honey youíve just slept all day? I was just gonna check my messages. Would you care to relate them for me? What? Ray? What time did he call? What, how did he... yes I want you to save it. Yeah Iím a little curious... He just took off ... I thought after the way things went he would at least want to say goodbye or something... I gotta go... Iíll see you later- why donít you just hang out their and Iíll see you tonight... Bye. Sandra hangs up the phone and looks out towards an arriving group of guests. Cut to: INT Rayís apartment. Living room. Night. Ray and his roommate, Victor, are watching television. Rayís phone rings. Ray Ray McQayne... INT Sandraís studio. Sara is lounging on the couch. Sandra is sitting on her bed with her pink phone to her ear. Sandra leans her back against the wall and settles into her bed. Sandra Do you always answer the phone like that? Ray Yeah I do. You got some kind of problem with that? I hope this is Sandra. PAN- to Victor, whoís eyes perk up and grins at Ray from the couch. Ray Nods and smirks back and gives him the ďhang looseĒ sign as he listens. Sandra Yes, this is Sandra. I thought you might have changed your name to Rocky McQuayne or something... How did you get my number? Ray Like I said, on your machine, I could tell you but then- letís just say Iím the last of the famous International Men of Mystery... So, what do you want? Sandra What do I want? You called me. Iím just returning your call. And now Iím hanging up. She hangs up the phone. CU- Sara. She obviously approves of this. Ray and Victor. Phone is dead. CU- Victor. He starts cracking up. Ray tries to act cool and *69's the phone and waits for it to pick up. He is talking to Victor while waiting. Ray Yeah, real funny asshole! Jerkov! Watch sheíll be- Phone line picks up and he changes his tone instantaneously -Hello Sandra- please donít hang up. I was just kidding around, ya know? Sandra Yeah well I donít think youíre funny. And I donít think your joke about stalking or women in comfortable shoes is great material, either. I get guys calling me all the time and Stan, the guy you creamed last night has been stalking me for months since we broke up! Ray Okay, alright. Now, let me just say that I, well, hold on... Ray gets up and heads to his room. Victor looks at him all offended and hurt. Ray ignores him and closes the door behind him. Sandra Rolling her eyes while she waits. Sara is leaning in. Ray sits down at his desk with the phone. ...Sorry... Okay now first of all, last night was a very unusual night for me. Ordinarily I donít get into fights. Iím a lover not a fighter... Sandra canít help but grin ... If I had known the situation, believe me I wouldnít have flirted with you the way I did. I donít know what your friend thinks of me but Iíll admit that when I first saw you I had some... well I just donít want to be that way anymore. Sandra is getting up and heading to her bathroom with the phone. Sara is shocked and appalled. Sandra sits down on the closed toilet seat. Sandra Like what anymore? Ray Well I have kind of a reputation as a ďplayer.Ē- Itís kinda, well I guess it used to be true but I really... I really just want to... I donít know. Ideally I want ďMs. RightĒ and somehow theyíve always been ďMs. Right- Then.Ē Do you understand? Sandra Oh, are you telling me you donít want to just fuck me? Ray Oh, no actually Iíd like to do you six ways to Sunday, to be honest with you. But there is more... I think... Sandra You-... what do mean, ďmoreĒ? Ray Well, Iíve had that, you know? I guess I want more than that and Iím telling you- while sounding like a complete idiot- that thatís exactly what I want... More than that... You are fucking beautiful and... look, am I... I donít Sandra Keep talkiní. Ray Maybe if itís alright with you I can just talk with you for a while. Like I said, I just want to try being a friend more, you know? Sandra All right. So what do want to talk about? PAN- around Ray as he gets a gleam of victory in his eye and that smirky grin on his face. INT Sandraís studio apt. Late night. Sara knocks on the bathroom door. Sara Jesus, Sandra! Youíve been on the phone with that dork for nearly two hours! I gotta pee again! Sandra in bathroom. She looks at her watch and looks at the door. Sandra Ray. Iím gonna go now. It is getting kind of late... midnight. So you can call me tomorrow if you would like, okay?... okay. Goodnight. Uh- huh...okay .. hold on... Sandra gets up and lets Sara in and goes out to her bed. FOLLOW Sandra as she gets into bed. ...Okay Iím here... no sheís gotta pee again... No, itís cool... Ray is in his bed. Still on the phone with Sandra. Ray I know, sometimes I get talking and itís: ďYeah , that would be the sun coming upĒ... Yeah thatís a pretty good sign that youíre a boring conversation if you canít put the phone down after, oh, two hours. Did I mention that Iím glad you called? Okay Iíll talk to you later. Bye-bye. Ray hangs up and breathes out deeply and sighs to himself. ...Sheís a fucking actress. He then reaches under his bed and pulls out a bottle of skin lotion. ... ďWe donít make the masturbation. We make the masturbation, better.Ē INT Sandraís Restaurant. Day. Sandra and Sara are at a booth. Sandra is eating. Sandra Youíll never guess what he used to do for a living... Sara Male prostitute? What? Sandra No. Heís an actor. He used to a lot of extra work. Like we used to. Iím surprised we never worked together. Iím gonna rent ďHeatĒ tonight and see him in it. Sara Youíre gonna actually date this guy? Sandra Yeah. Heís cominí over tonight. I canít believe we have done so much of the same stuff. He totally knows what itís like on a set. Isnít it weird? Sara Heís a player. Iíve heard about him. I know of some girls heís scammed on. Sandra We talked about that. I mean... at least he admits it. Sara Whatever. INT Rayís Office. Day. Ray is totally exhausted and looks like shit. He calls Sandraís and gets the machine. Ray Sandra this is Ray and Iím at work and Iím totally beat, man. Listen, I want to see you tonight so bad itís crazy but if I donít catch up with my sleep tonight Iíll be dead. Iím a zombie right now. Iíd be no fun tonight but I would seriously like to see you- maybe tomorrow at my friend Alecís party. Iíll call you later. Iím sorry- you know I canít stand the propensity for flakiness in L.A.- and here I am... well I hope you understand... Bye. Ryan is listening at his desk. He has a quizzical look on his face. He canít believe Rayís flaking on Sandra. Ray (O.C.) Ryan, itís a crash-in-the-car lunch break day, man. Ryan I heard you on the phone, man. You better follow up on that. Thatís the most serious Iíve heard you talk about a girl- ever. INT Sandraís studio. Night. Sandra holds a copy of ďHeatĒ and is fondling it as she listens to Rayís message. She just shakes her head and looks down at the box in her hand. Decides to watch it anyway and walks over to the VCR and puts it in. Then goes to her phone and dials. Sandra Sara? He flaked. I donít know, he did have to work today and he sounded like shit on my machine. I donít know why I never thought to give him my work number... No, Iím not gonna hold it against him... Wanna come over and watch the movie with me? All right Iíll see ya soon. Bye. INT Rayís apartment. Bedroom. Afternoon of next day. Phone rings and Ray is startled awake. He leans over and picks it up. Ray Ray McQuayne... Hey Alec... Yeah Iím cominí... Why do I always have to recruit all the chicks, man? No problem, Iíll see what I can do... Oh, can you play tomorrow? Weíre short a few guys and I really need you to play the point... five- thirty tomorrow night at the Rec Center... Hey did you invite that guy with the Sumo suits again? Awesome... Iíll give you a rematch... Look Alec, Iíll see what I can do about the girls, alright? See ya. He hangs up the phone and gets out of bed. EXT Sandraís studio. Pool courtyard. Day. Sandra and Sara are lying by the pool. Sandra He said he wanted me to come to some party tonight. He hasnít called since that message yesterday. I donít know, maybe itíll be fun. Sara Yeah, maybe itíll be cool. Sandra looks over at Sara. She canít believe she didnít say something bad about it. INT Rayís apt. Bedroom. Day. Ray is showered and dressed. He sits at his desk with his ďlittle black bookĒ and calls girls. Ray ...Yeah hon... yeah itís in the Valley... Northridge... Yeah you know Alecís... So Iíll see ya there? Cool... I gotta go, Iím like the one whoís calliní the um, women... okay... bye. Ray hangs up and turns to the next page. He sees Sandraís number next and thinks to himself a moment, then dials. INT Sandraís studio. Day. The pink phone flashes and Sandra comes in from the courtyard in a bikini to answer. Sandra Hello? Ray Hey this is Ray. Sandra I saw you in ďHeatĒ last night. Ray Some people would say Iím always in heat... Okay, well Iím calling to invite you to grace us with your presence at my friendís party tonight. Sandra Oh, and where is said party? Ray That would be in the Valley. Glamorous Northridge. Lots of wine, men, and song. Mostly men. Iím actually the women recruiting coordinator. Sandra Of course you are... What time are you going? Ray Oh, I donít know. About nine- ish, I suppose. Maybe you can bring your acquaintance Sara? Sandra Thatís a definite possibility... Are you coming alone? Ray Well, actually yes, yes I am. So maybe we can be alone together, as well? Sandra Well I donít know about that. Ray Well... okay... Iíve got another call, Iíll call you later with directions, okay? Sandra Okay- or just leave them on my machine. Ray All right! See ya! Sandra hangs up and smiles to herself. INT Alecís house. Entryway. Night. Ray walks in the door alone. Some friends see him come in and Scott and a few people come over to greet him. Scott Ray! Howís it going? No boxing gloves tonight, eh?! Ray No. But the Sumo suits are gonna be rockiní tonight. Scott Sumo suits? EXT Alecís backyard. Night. Ray lowers a padded helmet in the shape of a Japanese Sumo wrestlerís hairdo onto his head. PAN down to reveal that he wears a heavily padded suit in the form of a very large Sumo wrestler, complete with ridiculous jock straps. ZOOM over his shoulder to Alec, also in like suit, standing several feet away. Alex points to Ray and says in an evil voice: Alec You are going down this time, bitch. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ray, mocking the old dubbed Asian martial arts films, moves his mouth differently than the words he is saying: Ray Damn you... you killed my brother... now you must die! Hai! Both square off and exagerrate their squatting motions. Then they get a running start and scream as they run towards each other. At the last second Ray dodges out of the way and Alec zooms past him all the way into the crowd and then falls over, waddling. EXT Doorway to Alecís backyard. Sandra and Sara arrive in the doorway and see Ray turn to Alec, again, ďmockingĒ: Ray I will make you my bitch... grasshopper! Ray then does a belly flop on the prone Alec. Ray rolls over and both look like upside down turtles for a moment as they try to wiggle their way to their feet. Some more bumping and fighting ensues. The party goers watching are in tears laughing. Sara recognizes some familiar faces and walks over to them. Sandra looks on in disbelief. EXT Alecís backyard. Later. Ray lies on his back, exhausted from the Sumo wrestling. Ray Next! Some other dumbass can now make an idiot of themselves! He starts getting out of the constricting suit and when he finally squirms out he drags himself over to Sandra, exhausted. Sandra Your drenched! Iíll pass on the hug right now. Ray Yeah, no kidding. Who needs Jane Fonda tapes when they can buy one of those things. Itís good to see ya... He puts his hands on her shoulders. ...So where is your friend Sara? You brought her right? Sandra Yeah. You were funny. Sheís kinda mellowing out on you a little bit. Ray Yeah, well, I kinda fool everybody, ya know? Let me give you a tour of of the party and introduce your friend Sara to my friend Jared. Sandra All right. INT Alecís house. Dancing room. Later. Ray is leading Sandra by the hand throughout the house and comes to the living room which has been converted to the dancing room with Terry the D.J. Sublimeís ďWrong WayĒ is playing. Ray And this would be the the um, entertainment wing. With D.J. Terry. So maybe this would be a good place to sweep you off your feet. Sandra shrugs and they start dancing and soon Ray has his arms around her. Sandra Look at you getting all bold! Now Ray is feeling a little more suave and gets gets a dizzy, dreamy look as he leans in to talk in her ear: Ray Did I ever tell you that I thought you were kind of cute? Sandra No, you didnít. Now if youíll excuse me Iím going to go use the ďpowder room suiteĒ you pointed out on the tour. Ray is defeated. She pushes away from him and walks out. INT Alecís house. Hallway. Sandra is talking to Jared. Sandra walks by and grabs Sara and pulls her along to the bathroom. INT Alecís house. Bathroom. Sandra I like him better on the phone because he canít... do what heís doing now. Sara Whatís he doing? Sandra Nothing. Heís just... he thinks heís such a smoothie. Sara I know you like him so whatever. Sandra Listen to you... youíre the one who was bagginí on him all the time! Sara Heís a shark. But Iíve been talkiní to the girls here and they say heís all right. Even the ones heís been with- Sandra What do you mean- who? Sara Címon, Iíll show you. Youíve gotta meet some of these people! INT Alecís house. Dancing room. Ray has a girl, Annette, on his lap. She is cuddling up to him and he is talking in her ear. Ray Annette? Annette Yes? Ray Let me just say that Iím glad weíre friends. And before I do anything that I, well, would actually really like to do right now- I should probably get up. Annette Anything like what? She cuddles closer to him. Ray Look, ordinarily Iíd be all over you right now. You know that. But I really like this girl thatís here tonight. Annette You mean Sandra? Your with her tonight? Ray Well, Iím not with her, but I am interested. You know? Annette Yeah, sweety. Thatís real sweet of you. I met her friend Sara tonight. I told her what Jenny told me before we got together. Ray Oh, no. You mean about the couch? Annette Well, yeah. And a few other things. Donít worry, I think she likes you. PAN over to reveal Sandra and Sara coming over to them. Ray lifts Annette off his lap and stands up to greet them as they approach. Ray Sandra this is Annette...Now Iíve heard about, well okay the saying was ďRay is real nice but unless you want to have sex with him, you better stay off his couch.Ē And my response to that was: ďI donít have a couch.Ē Well I did have a futon... Sandra nods, appears amused. Sandra And Iím sure sheís been in it. Címon, Sara, letís go. Sandra grabs Sara and turns to leave. Ray watches for a moment in disbelief. Heís used to people just laughing at his bad humor and is stunned. He moves after her. Well, sometimeís you can be too honest. And not everyone always gets my bad humor. Ray Wait a minute! Címon- Ray reaches Sandra and wheels her around. She is pissed now. Sandra Donít fuckiní touch me! Ray puts his hands up and pleads with her. Ray Look Iíve been totally honest with you. Would you please let me talk to you for just a minute... please? Sara urges her outside and nods back for Ray to follow. EXT Alecís house. Entryway. Ray is cautiously moving in towards Sandra, who is leaning against the wall. RACK FOCUS to Sara standing against the car for a moment and then walks back into the party. She walks by close to Ray. Sara You better not fuck with her. Ray says nothing and turns back to Sandra. Ray Iím not denying anything... I told you and you know my reputation. I donít wanna play any games here. I really donít. Iíve been wanting you so bad and at the same time you scare me to death- He canít help it. He leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips. She enjoys it for a moment and then pushes him off him and slaps him square in the face. Heís stunned for a moment and then stutters, sheepishly grinning: Ray ...It was totally worth it... Iím sorry, if you- She leans over and kisses him back full on the mouth. He nearly faints. INT Alecís house. Hallway Sara is talking with Annette and Donna. Sara I think she was starting to like him or something and, well, it looks like sheís not alone. Annette Sheís free to go for it. An awkward moment as Sara thinks about Sandra alone outside with Ray and decides to leave. EXT Alecís house. Entryway. Night. Sara walks out as Ray and Sara are about to walk in. She stops and Sarah looks to her like everythingís fine. Sandra Everythingís cool. Iíve gotta go apologize to Annette. Sara So you wanna stay a while or what? Sandra Yeah. Ray wants to get to know me better ďright here in front of everybody.Ē (Aside) Itís less dangerous than being alone with him. Ray overhears this and looks innocent to them for a moment and then gets that smirky grin. INT Alecís house. Dancing room. Very late night. People are sitting around the couch and on the floor. The party has died down and it has become an intimate gathering of about ten people. Depeche Modeís ďItís No GoodĒ Ray So, has anyone heard of a game called ďI neverĒ? The Group , ďAh no...Ē, ďWeíre not playing that...Ē, etc. Alec Is this the one where we all drink if youíve done it? Ray No- no. This is where you make a statement, like ďI never... smoked crackĒ- and if you have, then you drink. And if anybody else in the room has, they have to drink as well. Alec But if you havenít smoked crack, then you donít drink, right? Ray Right. Alec Then why arenít you drinking? Ray Okay letís go around in a circle. Letís start with... Sandra! Sandra is blushing. Gives Ray the ďIím gonna get you for thisĒ look. Sandra So this is gonna be how you ďget to know me better in front of everybodyĒ? Ray plays innocent and holds his hands up. Ray Like youíre gonna drink to any of these things. Itís only if youíve done it. The group looks over to Sandra to start. Sandra You bastard, Ray. Okay... I never... I donít know, drank a beer. Everyone in the group drinks. Next question is on Sara. Sara I never have been a total player. You better drink, Ray! Sara looks accusingly at Ray. Sandra and Sara high five as Ray drinks. PAN to next person, Carol. She doesnít know what to say. Carol I never... gave a blowjob! The Group is stunned. Then laughter. Ray Thatís right! Now weíre talkiní business! Bring it, Carol! Iím not gonna drink to that one, but... The game continues: Jared I never did it with a ministerís daughter... in the basement of a church- during a service. He drinks. Even more laughter. Annette I never did it with more than one person at the same time. She drinks. Even more laughter as a few others in the group drink, too, and are caught.. Mary I never did it and then had my mom ask me how good it was when I got home. She drinks. All the girls want her to elaborate. <Ēhuh?Ē, ďwhat?Ē, ďyour mom?Ē, etc.> Ray I never needed to go to the emergency room as a direct result of having sex. One person, Kate, drinks. Instantly she turns red as everyone looks at her. She is so embarrassed she can barely say it: Kate Lockjaw. The group erupts in laughter. Jared Itís amazing what comes out when people start to be really honest! He grins and pounds his can of beer. Mary When youíre this hammered thereís no way you canít be honest! Ray I know. Could you imagine if we had O.J. here right now? Heíd be all fucked up: ďI did it!Ē They all laugh. Sara No O.J. jokes! Itís been like three years. Ray You know what Ron said to Nicole at the pearly gates? ďHereís your damn sunglasses!Ē More laughter. Alec Whoís turn is it now, anyway? Scott (Drunken) Itís mine. I never got so fucked up I coudnít finish playing ďI never.Ē He takes a huge hit off his beer and falls forward. Heís completely bombed. EXT Alecís driveway. Night. Later. People are leaving the party and a few are standing around and saying goodbye. Ray is standing with Sandra and Sara by their car. He shouts over to Alec: Ray Hey Alec, youíre gonna play ball with us tomorrow, right? Alec Yep. Iíll try to be there. Itíll be my only game I can make until playoffs start in hockey, though. Ray Thatís cool. We just need a point guard tomorrow. See ya then. Sandra punches Ray lightly in the shoulder. He turns and faces her. Sandra So whatís this youíre playing tomorrow? Ray Oh, I play in a rec league. Basketball. Weíve got uniforms and referees and everything. We run around in shorts and get all sweaty. Maybe you wanna come and watch? Sandra Oh thatís all you had to say right there. What time do you play? Ray Five- thirty. Do you really want to go? Sandra Yeah, weíll check it out. Does anybody else go to the games? Ray They used to. Not so much anymore. Iíve been trying to get my brother to come to a game for months. Sandra Why donít you call me tomorrow and Iíll see if I can switch at work. Iíll see you maybe tomorrow then, okay? Ray Okay. Iíve gotta warn you though, we suck. Sandra Iíll cheer for you. Good night. Ray kisses her goodbye on the cheek and then on the lips. She eventually gets in her car and drives away. Ray watches her drive off. INT Valley Plaza Recreation Center Basketball Gym. Day. CU of basketball careening off Rayís hands and out of bounds. He is playing nervous and the other players arenít playing too great, either. The scoreboard shows the score 45-31. Ray calls ďtime outĒ and the players huddle over to the bench. FLASH over to see Sandra and Sara sitting alone watching the game. Cut back to Ray talking to the guys. Heís unsure what to say, and they all are arguing about who should be doing what. Heís trying to impose some kind of authority: Ray Címon guys! Weíre down fourteen and weíve only got seven minutes. Iím sick of playing man to man and guys scoring all over us. Letís go zone- Jimmie The zone sucks! Ray Look, we cut the lead to two playing zone before halftime and you guys wanted to switch back to man- and now theyíre killing us. Letís do the zone! Lawrence They have a guy who kills us when we run that. The big guy. Jared The zone only works if weíve practiced It together, and we havenít. The guys argue some more and Ray is flustered. Ray All right. What do you guys want to run? The guys all look undecided. ... Fine. If you guys want to stay in man then letís do it. Ray is pissed that the guys wouldnít listen. The team goes out and plays badly the rest of the game. Rayís bummed. When the game ends they shake hands with the other team and Ray walks over to Sandra and Sara. Rayís trying to be upbeat but heís dwelling on the game. Ray Well I did play pretty good defense. Sandra You know, you guys really donít play well together as a team. I think itís cool that you guys do this, though. Sara That guy, number eleven, is a hot head. You guys should mellow out! Ray I know... Iím not pretending to be a great coach or anything, but next time weíre gonna be on the same page, thatís for damn sure! Sandra Well, youíre right. You guys do suck. Ray Now wait a minute. Last season we won more games than we lost- and we only Lost to these guys by one in the playoffs. I want to beat these guys, man... Sara Youíre gonna need some serious practice. Ray shakes his head and sighs. He changes to a more upbeat attitude. Ray So, what are your plans for the rest of the night? Sandra I was going to do my laundry. Ray Would you like some company? Sandra pauses a moment, then: Sandra Yeah, thatíd be cool. Ray Good. Iíll get showered up and call you for directions then? Sandra Yeah. This was cool. Iím glad you invited us. Call me when you get cleaned up. Ray All right. Thanks for cominí. Iíll call ya then. Bye. Sara (aside) Make sure he wears a rubber. Sandra just smiles as they watch Ray leave. Sandra Like heís gonna need it. INT Rayís apt. Bedroom. Night. Stone Temple Pilotís ďSex Type ThingĒ plays on his stereo. Ray is in his boxers fresh out of the shower trying to decide what to wear to Sandraís. INT Sandraís studio. Night. Sandra rocks on her bed thinking. She goes to the phone and picks it up then decides for a moment then hangs it back up again. INT Rayís apt. Bedroom. Night. Now dressed, Ray reaches under his bed and pulls up some condoms. He looks at them, shrugs and puts them in his leather jacket. INT Sandraís studio. Night. There is a knock on Sandraís door and she goes to open it. Ray is there with a grocery bag in his hand. Sandra Hey. Come in. Whatís that? Ray Well I decided to impress you with my cooking. Do you like chicken? Sandra Yeah. Thatís cool because I hadnít thought about dinner. Iím used to just eating at the restaurant. Ray Yeah I miss that, too. Well I hope you like baked potatoes, too. Iím kind of a meat and potatoes bachelor kinda guy. Sandra Okay... let me show you where everything is. Ray sets the groceries out and starts preparing the dinner. Ray Yeah, all this and I can cook, too. Sandra A man of many talents. Ray gets that smirk and and raises his eyebrows. Ray Iím not a gourmet chef, but I play one on T.V. Sandra So what else have you been in, besides ďHeatĒ? Ray A lot of different stuff. I was an extra for a couple years until this year- so I got around, you know. How about you? Sandra Well, I got out of that a while ago. But I was a regular on ďBeverly Hills 90210" when I was in college. Ray I used to watch that show. Me and my roommates were addicted to it. Thursday night was our ďmale bonding nightĒ. Weíd watch the ďSimpsonísĒ, ďBeverly Hills, 90210", and ďMelrose PlaceĒ and go hit the clubs. I miss that. What were you on the show? Sandra A high school student. Thatís where I met Sara, actually. Ray Yeah, that was my first paid gig as an extra. It was cool seeing all the cast in person. I was a little put off by all the makeup caked oníem, though. And how short they all really were. I was a ďcollege student at party.Ē Sandra I stopped doing that when I got an agent. I donít miss the fourteen hour days and all the bullshit, thatís for sure. Ray Yeah. Itís too bad extras have that stigma here in L.A... In New York a working actor is a working actor, period. Extras are respected there. Here, itís like youíre the bottom feeder of the industry or something. Sandra They get paid more in New York. Ray Even here, if youíre union, the moneyís not that bad, if you can get consistent work. I just couldnít. I made $1,600 to hold a pole for two days on a Coke commercial. I was an ďOlympic Pole Vaulter.Ē I just stood there while the principle ran by me warming up. But then Iíd go two or three months without workiní on anything. My friend John and I used to joke about going to the grocery store and only being able to afford to buy ďcheapĒ food. Potatoes were like, my staple. Sandra What did you do when you werenít on a set? Ray Oh, Iíve had other varied jobs to fall back on. You know you have to... Mostly Iíd work with a friend of mine for his company. Sandra What kind of company? Ray ďThe Singing Painter Development and Construction Company.Ē The owner was the Artistic Director of the theatre I worked with in Malibu a few years ago. Heís a general contractor. Every now and then heíll call and have me run errands for him when Iím available and heís too busy. Heís an actor, too. Rick ďBigĒ Johnson. Sandra ďBigĒ Johnson? Okay. Are you still doing theatre? Ray No. We lost some money so weíve been on hiatus for a while now. It was fun. I got a lot out of it. I miss it. How about you? Any theatre? Sandra Yeah. Some College stuff. Iíve done showcases. Iíve gotten kind of jaded by the whole thing, you know? Ray Yeah, I do. But I have friends whoíve had some success, so I try to use that as inspiration. I get my doubts, though. I went to college, Iíve got a degree. Iíve got an eight dollar an hour Temp job. Sandra And Iím a Hostess slash Server in a restaurant. We must be actors. They both laugh and look over at eachother. Ray walks over to her and kisses her deeply on the lips. She pushes him against the wall and grabs his hands and puts them on her ass while she kisses him back. He then lifts her up and carries her over to the bed. They start making out on her bed and when he starts taking off her sweats she stops him. Ray Whatís wrong? Sandra Nothing. I just donít want to do that yet. Ray Okay... He rolls off of her. Sandra Itís all right. Ray and Sandra are lying side by side on her bed. Ray is stroking her hair and talking in her ear. Ray I want you to know that Iím really glad I can be with you here right now. How about you? What do you think of me? Sandra I donít know. I hardly know you. I havenít really made up my mind yet. Ray I remember another girl saying that to me. And- I still donít know what I could have done, or what I did, I guess. I always think of that girl when I hear that. I mean, Iíd like to think that Iím an okay person, but I guess I just canít please everybody. Sandra Well, you are real nice. Have a lot of girls said that to you? Ray Not a lot. Well, yes I guess Iíve heard it a few times. I remember seeing her again a year later and... as much as Iíd like to think I had changed, I guess I hadnít- according to her anyways. Sandra So you still think about this girl? Ray She still haunts me. But like I said, sheís not the only one. Sandra So are there a lot of girls? Ray What do you mean? Sandra I mean, I donít wanna be another ďRay- dette.Ē Ray Thatís funny, Iíve heard that one before, too... Seriously, I think all women are unique, and I realize that I canít please everybody. Do you understand? Sandra Yeah. But I wanna know what you expect of me tonight. Did you think we were gonna sleep together? Ray To be honest with you, I donít know what to expect. Iím really just happy to be with you right now. Yeah Iíd like to sleep with you. But I have no desire to sleep with someone who doesnít want it. Iíve never understood that whole concept of rape. How could anyone enjoy it if the other doesnít want it? Sandra Well, rape is different. Thatís like, a power thing. Iím happy doing what weíre doing right now. Ray Sandra, if you turned to me right now and said you wanted it, then yes, I would gladly be up for that. But understand that itís okay if we donít. All right? Sandra What if I told you- never mind I better stop before I give you the wrong impression. Ray leans in closer and kisses her gently on her neck and moves on top of her. Ray What if I told you that I wanted to kiss your neck? Sandra Thatíd be fine. He gently parts her legs and moves to her mouth. She fights her legs back closed but then lets them out again. He moves slowly over her and continues to kiss her. Ray I am very attracted to you. I want you to be comfortable with me. Is that okay? Sandra Yes. Ray puts all of his weight on top of her and starts to grind slowly. She responds. Ray Do you like that? Sandra Yes. Now they are breathing heavy and Ray is not holding back. He violently pulls her over on top of him and spreads her legs over him. He slides his hand down the back of her sweats and fondles her ass. His hand goes lower and she stops it. Sandra No. Not yet. Ray turns her over to the side and begins pulling the covers over them. Ray Itís all right. Relax. Iím just getting us under the covers... Once under the covers he begins taking off his clothes. ... and getting undressed. Sandra Youíre bad. He starts kissing her again and throws his shirt and shorts on the floor. He then starts to take off her sweatshirt and she hesitates at first but then lets him. Under the covers he tries pulling down her sweats. She stops him. Ray Iím just trying to get more comfortable. She lets him take off her sweats. They snuggle and explore each other under the covers and Ray turns over on top of her again. Sandra Do you have protection? Ray Yeah, I do... They do it. INT Sandraís studio. Morning. Ray is getting dressed. Sandra wakes up and watches him. Sheís sleepy- voiced. Sandra Are you leaving? Ray Yeah, I have to work. Iíd sleep in and come in later but I did that last week... He looks straight ahead for a moment. ... and Iím gonna do it again today! He takes off his clothes and dives back into bed. She laughs. They do it some more. INT Rayís office. Day. Ray is in a suit again. He is smiling ear to ear the biggest smirk in the history of the world. He strolls into the office not even attempting to hide it. Ryan turns around in his cubicle like he has a radar on him. His mouth drops and he knows. Ryan You got some, didnít you? Ray I got a lot, brother... Ray is as happy as heís ever been. A short pause, then: ... Letís do the mail! Now the whole office is cracking up. INT Sandraís restaurant. Day. Sandra and Sara are sitting at a booth. Sara Are you gonna tell me about it or what? Sandra Yeah we did it. Sara I donít believe it. I donít believe it. He is the biggest player in the world- and I told you- and you knew it. I canít believe- was he good? Sandra smiles. She is only a little embarrassed. Sandra Yes, he was. He definitely has a lot of energy. Sara just shakes her head. She still canít believe it. Sara So what next? Are you like, gonna keep seeing this guy? I mean, do you like him now or something? Sandra Yeah. Yeah I like him. He seems so... sincere. I really think there might be something there. Yeah, I like him. Sara is mellowing out and accepting it. Sara Well, Iím just a little surprised. Are you okay? Sara notices Sandra is starting to pretend to cry. Sandra Yeah, Iím fine... I just hope he isnít a jerk. Sandra looks up to Sara with a smile. Sara looks back blank for a moment, then grins: Sara Oh, you had me going there, you little actress... Thatís bad- Sandra then smiles bigger. Sandra No- heís just so perfect. Oh baby! Marry me! Whatever. The two look at eachother in amazement. Then crack up. INT Rayís office. Day. Ray is just staring ahead at his desk. Ryan looks over the cube wall and motions to him. Ryan Are you all right, man? Ray shakes out of his daze. He turns over to Ryan. Heís very serious. Ray Iím in love with her. I canít stop thinking about her. I canít- sheís- itís like- itís like in the movies or something... I didnít think this would- I didnít think I could, not yet. I donít know... Ryan is smiling. He gets serious though when he sees Rayís condition. Ryan Thatís good. You gotta be real with this girl, though. Thatís good that you care about her. Ray snaps out of it a little. Ray Itís weird. I like it. But itís just, weird. Ryan and Ray sit in silence for a moment. CRANE shot reveals everyone in the office has overheard everything and are all smiling to themselves at their cubicles. INT Sandraís studio. Night. Sandra is watching ďMelrose PlaceĒ. There is a knock on the door and she gets up and lets Ray in. Sandra Wow. Look at you in the suit! This is a pleasant- Ray lunges in and grabs her, carrying her over to the bed. ... wait a second- what are you doing? He collects himself and sets her down on the bed. Ray I donít know... I still have all this energy. I thought we might... Sandra Why are you wearing a suit? Ray Well, I wore it to work today. And after work I wanted to... I donít know... show off my suit to you. Sandra Uh- huh. Well you can keep it on right now, all right? Ray Um, yeah. Is everything all right? Sandra Everythingís fine. I just need a little rest right now, if you know what I mean. Ray Okay. Thatíll boost my ego. So do I get to talk to you for a while? Sandra nods and he leans in and kisses her. She shies away after a moment. Sandra Ray I donít want you to think this- I just want to be mellow with you for a while, okay? Ray is suprised. He steps back. Ray Whatís wrong? Sandra Nothing. I just donít want to be like that with you. I donít want- Ray All right. I get it. Iím sorry I uh, I guess I... understand. Goodbye. Iím sorry. Ray lets himself out. EXT Sandraís studio. Courtyard. Night. Ray stands out in the courtyard for a moment. He turns back to the door as if to knock but decides against it and leaves. INT Sandraís studio. Night. Sandra sits on her bed and rocks nervously back and forth. Her hand shakes a little as she picks up the phone and dials Sara. CLOSE IN on Sandra as she talks: Sandra Sara? Yeah... Ray just came over... I was gonna tell him before but he already had left before I called... He wasnít happy, no... No he didnít get mad or anything, he was cool. He just left... So you wanna come over? Okay, bye. Sandra thinks a moment to herself after hanging up with Sara. INT Rayís apt. Living room. Night. Ray enters his apartment in a daze. He just plops down on the couch and stares straight ahead. After a few moments he buries his face in his hands and shakes his head. Heís disappointed but he realizes how this has happened before and just tries to shake it off. But itís hard. Heís become very depressed very fast. INT Rayís apt. Living room. Night. The stereo plays The Beastie Boysí ďWatcha Want?Ē Ray has changed into workout clothes and is under his weight bench. He is putting all his energy into his workout and it shows. In between sets he kind of mopes but once he gets going he really pours it on. Then he just stops and goes to the phone. Dials. Ray Hello mom? You know I still donít understand women... INT Jaredís car. Night Jared is driving with Annette. Luscious Jacksonís ďNaked EyeĒ plays on the stereo. Annette So what do you think about Ray and that girl Sandra? Jared I donít know. I havenít really talked with him about her. Annette So, what happened with him and Donna? I thought she was interested in him, too... Jared Well, yeah. But he didnít want to get involved with her really. I guess itís because I went out with her, which is a stupid reason. Annette What happened with you and Donna, if you donít mind me asking? Jared Iím really not at liberty to discuss that. Well, basically what she wanted and what I wanted were two different things. Annette Okay. INT Sherman Oaks apt. Night. Ray is watching basketball with his friend Jim ďWeaselĒ Caviezal. Ray Itís tough, man. Iím telliní ya if you saw this girl, you would want to anoint and warship her. Sheís a fucking goddess. Weasel Hey, watch your mouth. So, she looked pretty good, huh? Ray Yeah, she did. I mean, weíre talkiní real hot. But again, ya know, I can get Ďem, but keepiní em is just... I donít know, man. Weasel Have you tried taking any of them to church? Ray You know weíve talked about that. Thatís just not my thing. Weasel I know. Iím just saying... well, never mind. Iím sure youíll find somebody- Ray Look, Weez, I know- youíve always been a good ear for me when it comes to women. And I know you like it because of the vicarious enjoyment factor- but you gotta understand that I donít think Iím wrong for being with these girls. And I donít think God thinks itís that bad, either. Weasel looks at him seriously. Weasel Hey, all right. You believe what you wanna believe but you know what, buddy? Iím gonna pray for you anyway! Ray looks to him apologetically: Ray Thanks, man. INT Donnaís condo. Beverly Hills. Night. Donna is sitting on her couch dialing the phone. Donna Hi Ray this is Donna. Iím at home. Give me a call. Bye. INT Weaselís apt. Night. Ray and Weasel are still watching basketball. Rayís pager goes off. Ray Can I use your phone? Weasel Go ahead. Ray checks his voicemail message from Donna. He looks over to Weasel, grinning: Ray Thanks. I just got the answer to your prayers. INT Donnaís condo. Night. Donna answers the door and Ray is there. He picks her up and carries her over to the couch. Donna What are you doing? Ray Iím letting off a little sexual tension. Donna I hope you donít have too much of that. Ray sets her down and hovers over her. Ray Oh, you donít? You mean you wouldnít like it if I did this right now? Ray lays on top of her and kisses her ear. Donna Maybe. Ray And Iím sure you would hate it if I did this, too. Ray moves in on her. Donna Iím not one of your young little play things, Ray. Ray Thatís right, your not. Because I know you would just hate it if I just took off all your clothes and fucked you right now. Wouldnít you? He really leans into her. She likes it but is trying to resist. Donna You donít understand. I donít just do that... Ray suddenly realizes he is not in the mood. He rolls off of her. Ray I understand. I understand Iím just a little too horny right now. Donna I can feel that. Ray Donna, yes itís hard for me right now- in more ways than one. I donít want to sound like a jerk or anything, but whatís the hang-up here? What do you want? Donna I just donít do that. I have to know you a lot better- be in a relationship- Ray Is that what you want? You want a relationship with me? Like the one you had with Jared? Iím not Jared. You know, maybe you donít want to admit what you want. If you think Iím gonna pretend like I have feelings for you then youíre wrong. Iím straight with you all right? Well maybe I do want to fuck first and ask questions later... Iím not hiding it. Donna Fine. Then do that. Itís not gonna happen with me, though. You can find some other little whatever for that. Ray sits up. Ray Iím sorry. I guess I- I donít know... Donna Itís all right, Ray. Ray Thereís something going on with me. Thereís something wrong. I think I know but Iím not sure. Iím not always like this. Or maybe I am? He looks to Donna Donna Well, you say that ďideallyĒ you want to be in a serious relationship. But you sure donít act like it. Ray Maybe youíre right. Maybe thatís it. Itís all my fault. Gee, I must me hiding my true motives from you. And everyone. Donna Maybe you need to get over yourself, Ray. Ray breaks out in a grin and pounces on her. Ray Youíre really asking for it, arenít you? They make out for a few moments on the couch. Donna stops and grabs him by the back of his hair. Donna You should probably be leaving soon. Close on Rayís confused expression INT Jaredís Apt. Night. Jared and Annette are watching T.V. on the couch. Annette How long have you known Ray? Jared I donít know. About four years. We met on a set or showcase or something. Annette Has he ever had a serious girlfriend? Jared Well, yeah. But itís like... we talked about this. We both want girlfriends. I donít know if I just donít have the capacity to love somebody right now or what. I donít know if he does, either. Annette I think you guys just want to get laid. Jared Well, yeah. Jared grins and they both laugh. INT Sandraís Restaurant. Day. Sandra is at the phone at the front reception podium. Sandra Hi Ray this is Sandra. Sorry I havenít called or anything since last week. I just didnít feel too good about what happened. You can call me later tonight if you like. Bye. INT Rayís Apt. Living Room. Day Ray walks in with his freshly washed laundry. He is wearing his basketball uniform for his game later that night. He notices his answering machine blinking and checks his message from Sandra. He listens and erases it and starts to fold his laundry and watch basketball. Ray Yeah, right. He goes to his phone on the coffee table and picks it up. He sits down and reaches for his address book and starts flipping to find Sandraís number but then stops and thinks for a moment. He puts the phone down and heads to his bedroom instead. As he is about to go in, Victor comes in the front door. Victor Whatís up? Ray Hey. Nothiní. Howís it going? Victor Iím fine. Whatís the matter.? You look so bummed all the time lately. Ray No, Iím fine. Victor Okay, fuck you, then. Ray Iím sorry, Vick. Iím just sick of dealiní with women I canít understand. I guess that would include all of them. Victor Youíve got to quit worrying about that. Sheís a fucking bitch. Sheís just like that girl a few years ago, Shelly- Ray -Yeah well me and Shelly are friends now, all right? This girl, I donít know... Itís like, with Shelly, it was this viscous cycle of lust: weíd fuck, sheíd feel guilty about it, then a few months would go by, maybe a year and weíd become friends again, then weíd fuck, and now thatís over. This girlís a whole different ballgame. Victor What do you mean? Sheís no different. If she really cared about you besides sex then you would know. Just let it go. It was just a lay. All right, honey bunny? Ray perks up and lisps back to him like a stereo-type homosexual: Ray Oh, sweety. Youíre so sensitive. Thank you. INT Rayís office. Day. Ray is at his desk talking with Ryan over the cubicle divider. Ryan So whatís up with that girl you were so crazy about? Ray Nothiní. It was a hit and run. I havenít talked to her for a few weeks, actually. Ryan I was wonderiní what happened with that. What did happen- if you donít mind me asking? Ray Well, she just got bad vibes all of a sudden, which I can understand because the same thing has happened to me a few times. Ryan So you never tried calling her or anything? Ray No. I used to do that. I used to try too hard with women sometimes. If she really wanted to be with me then weíd be together. Thatís it. Ryan Dang, man. For a while there I thought you were crazy in love with that girl. Now itís like you act like it never happened... Thatís cold, man. Ray Iím just sick of it. You know? Iím a player. Iím a player when I get with a girl. But if she decides she doesnít want to be with me and I get upset about it, then Iím an obsessed- wait- Iím still a player, though. Sheís still just a victim of my womanizing. Go figure. INT Sandraís restaurant. Day Sandra and Sara are eating at a back booth. Sandra Men. They totally piss me off. So, for one, if you sleep with them, then automatically youíre a slut. Then, if you feel like it was a mistake and want to cut it off then youíre a bitch-slut. And if later you decide to call them then youíre a psycho- bitch-slut! Sara So heís not returning your calls now? Sandra I only called him once. He never calls me. Sara So do you want him to call you or what? Sandra I donít care. Whatever. Sara Well, what do you want? I mean, this guy obviously liked you and you blew him off. What do you expect? Sandra Look, youíre the one who was all protective of me when we met him- and now itís like you think heís some kind of angel or something. Heís not! Sara sees sheís serious yet being totally biased and decides not to argue. Sara Fine. INT Hollywood dance club. Night. KMFDMís ďGodlikeĒ plays. Ray is dancing on a pedestal with his shirt off. There is a smaller crowd because it is still fairly early. He looks down to see his friends Lana and Amanda at the bar and jumps down to greet them. FOLLOW Ray to the girls. Amanda Well donít you look nice. He hugs and kisses each on the cheek. Ray Yeah, well the steroids must be working. Amanda Well, I hope youíre not taking steroids- unless you want your balls to shrink up. Ray Nope. Donít want that. Iíll stick to smoking crack. His friend Kristov approaches and greets the girls. Kristov You should go back to the platform. All the girls will miss you if you do not. Ray grabs the back of Kristovís neck and they play fight for a moment. Ray Nah, man. The 80's room is calling me. FOLLOW Ray to another room adjacent. The 80's room is smaller and has a different D.J. INT 80's room. Culture Clubís ďDo you really want to hurt me?Ē plays. This room has more people and Ray goes to the middle of the floor and starts to dance alone. PAN over to reveal Patty watching him dance. After a moment she comes over to him and taps him from behind. Patty Hey where have you been? Ray Hey! Iíve been workiní and doing other stuff. How about you? Patty Nothiní. I just havenít seen you around much lately. Ray Well maybe Iím finally starting to get tired of these clubs. Ray shrugs and folds his arms across his chest and mock shivers. ... Iím gonna go put on my jacket. Itís good to see you. You know itís people like you that keep me coming to these places. She hugs him. INT Techno room. Kristov is dancing in the middle of the dance floor crowd. RACK FOCUS to Mary and Kate watching him dance. Kate God heís fine. Ray walks up to them. He has put on his leather sport coat. Ray Hey! Kate You! I shouldnít be talking to you after what you made me confess the other night! Mary Hey you evil boy! He hugs them both. Ray Iím sorry but that was just too classic. It was too good to pass up. I hope you can forgive me. Kate Oh, Iíll be all right. So... whatís the deal with that girl you were with at the party, Sandra? Mary Yeah, whatís the scoop with that? Rayís mood noticeably sours. Ray Well, what can I say. It just didnít happen. Oh well. Mary Ray, I worry about you, man. I donít know if youíll ever settle down anymore. Ray Yeah, well, itíll happen. Just not yet. INT Hollywood Dance club. Entryway. Sandra and Sara are paying at the entrance. Both are dressed in short metallic- looking dresses. They walk inside and are checked out as they make their way to the main techno room dance floor. FOLLOW them as they approach the floor and then Sandraís POV: INT Hollywood Dance club. Techno room. Dance floor. Savage Gardenís ďI Want YouĒ plays. Ray is dancing with Kate, Mary and Kristov. CU of Sandra as she recognizes him and is surprised. Sandra Oh shit! Sara What? Sandra Guess whoís here. Sara looks over and sees Ray with the girls. Sara There he is, all right. He doesnít take long, does he? Sandra No way. Those girls arenít into him like that. I know it. I met them at that guy Alecís party. Remember? Lockjaw? Sara Oh, yeah. Sandra Címon, letís go. They walk on through the techno room towards the 80's room. Lana and Amanda recognize them as they walk by. Lana Thereís that girl that Ray was with at Alecís party. Amanda Whatís her name? Lana shakes her head and looks over to Ray on the dance floor. The song changes and he walks off the floor by them. Lana grabs Rayís arm as he walks by and whispers in his ear and he nods and walks towards the 80's room. INT 80's room. Rayís POV: Sandra and Sara are dancing together below the stage. CU on Ray as his stomach jumps. He watches her for a split second and averts his eyes. Sara notices him and points him out to Sandra. Ray sees this and walks out back to the techno room. INT Techno room. Ray is walking by the bar on his way to the restroom when Patty sees him and grabs him. Patty Whatís wrong? Ray Iím all right. I just feel like Iím in high school again, thatís all. Patty What do you mean? Ray I mean... I thought I really had it in for this girl thatís here tonight. Well, I was right. I really do have it in for her and if I do anything about it then Iím a desperate jerk. So thatís it. Patty What happened? Did you used to go out with her or something? Ray No. No-no. Sheís- we had kind of a fling and that was it... Patty is concerned about him and Ray puts his hands on her shoulders. Iím gonna go to the restroom and Iíll tell you more when I get back, okay? Patty Yeah. Ray leaves her and walks over to the restroom. INT 80's room. Kingís ďLove and PrideĒ Sandra and Sara lean against the bar. Sara Iíll be right back. Sandra watches Sara leave, puzzled. INT Techno room. Ray is leaving the restroom and Sara is approaching. He sees her and nods hello. She makes a beeline for him and pulls him into the hallway. Sara Arenít you even going to go say hi to her? Ray avoids looking back at her. Ray I want the best for her. I really do. I donít want to make her uncomfortable. Sara What happened? All of a sudden you stop calling her- Ray looks directly at her: Ray Sara... the phone works both ways. I care about her. I really do. Iíve just been through this too many times. I donít think she wanted what I wanted. Iím just trying to respect that. Sara Well maybe she wants the same thing now. Ray Is that what she said? Should I talk to her? Sara is caught. She has to think a moment. She shakes her head. Sara No. Youíre right. I guess if she wants to talk to you she will. Iím sorry. Ray Itís all right. She should know that I am very fond of her, though. Sara All right. Iíll see ya. She smiles and hugs him. She walks back out to the other room and Ray is left standing in the hall for a moment. INT Techno room. Ray approaches Patty. Ray Well Iíve had enough. Iím gonna go. Patty Youíre gonna lave because of that girl? Ray Well, yeah. That and Iím just not into it tonight. Iím tired, too. She hugs him goodbye. Patty Iíll see ya later then. Ray leaves. INT Rayís Apt. Bedroom. Day. Ray is in his basketball uniform and on the phone. Ray Hey, this is Ray. Is Ron home? All right, thanks... Ron? Hey... are you cominí to the game or what? All right you know how to get there? Okay I gotta go... Tipoffís at seven-thirty... All righty then, bye. Ray is glad his brother is finally going to make it to a game this season. EXT Outdoor basketball hoops. Valley Plaza Recreation Center. Day. Ray is shooting around before the game with Ardy. Ray This is what itís all about. Playoffs. The rivalry. And this is the team I really want to beat. We can beat these guys, I know it. Ardy This is a team weíve played before, right? Ray Yeah. Weíve played them a few times. They beat us by one in the playoffs last season and we only had four players against their five. But even with us at full strength, they beat us this year twice. One was a practice game, though. It sucked. Howís your ankle? Ardy Itís fine. Ray Have you been workiní? Ardy Not, really, no. Itís been slow. Iím working a film next week.Thatís it. Ray drives on Ardy, challenging him to guard him. Kevin, another player, walks over to them. Ray Hey Kevin! We gotta win tonight, my brotherís cominí! Kevin You mean youíre talking again! Ray Yeah. Heís only seen us play a few winning games over the years- and I really want to light it up with him around to see it. Kevin Iíd like to see that, too. Ray smiles and challenges him. Ray Oh, you think you can take me? Címon, Kevin! Letís see if you can bring it! Ray checks the ball to Kevin, who drives but Ray fouls him. Thatís right, Kevin! Get that shit outta here! Ray is ready to play. INT Rec Center Gym. Day. The guys are warming up running lines before the game. Rayís brother, Ron, walks into the gym. Ray sees him and goes over and shakes his hand. Ray You ready to see your brother play some ball? Ron Whatever. Ray is used to his brotherís indifference and goes back to the guys. TILT down on the team in a huddle: Ray All right, guys. Now, my brotherís here tonight and the last time he was at a game we- well we probably got our asses kicked. So now... I say we win one, just one... for the brother! Ray is grinning and knows the guys think heís the corniest. They kind of look at each other and roll their eyes except Jimmy: Jimmy ďMĒ...ďM and MĒ... The M- man with the speech! Uh, I did not know that! Ray Okay letís do it! Weíre going three-two zone like we did last week and weíre gonna shutíem down. Me and Jared are running the wings and you guys follow us up, all right?! Letís go! The guys are ready to go and they head out to center court for the tipoff. They proceed to play a great game. Ray is hitting his outside shots; Kevin is rebounding well and defending the other teamís star player well inside; Jimmy hits a three; Jared runs the length of the court for a lay up; Nick makes a great pass to Ray going to the hoop; Snow hits a turnaround jumper and is hustling. JR. makes a steal and finds Ray breaking down the court for a lay up. Ray plays the game of his life. He calls timeout. Ray I just want to take a rest here, guys... I think weíre gonna win this one. FLASH to scoreboard shows them leading by eleven with two minutes remaining. Letís not give it away, though... Jared What the hell got into you tonight? Youíre on fire! Ray Yeah Iím feeliní it... Letís have fun and NO FIGHTS! Letís go! Ray looks over to his brother and gives him the ďhang looseĒ sign. Ron just shakes his head smiling. Snow Iím gonna let ponytail play some now, Ray. Ray All right. Thanks for giving it all tonight, man. It showed. Snow Hey that ainít no problem. All right. Ray signals for Derwood to come in and they all walk back out on the floor to finish the game. After the game they all shake hands and Ray calls to gather them all together at the bench. Ray That was the most satisfying victory Iíve ever had. Thanks for being a part of it, guys. Iíll call you with the game time next week, all right? The guys nod and acknowledge and start to leave.. Wait, wait- on three ďYoung GunsĒ all right? Okay on three... The guys gather and on three shout the victory cry, <ĒYoung GunsĒ> and start to leave again. Snow approaches Ray Snow So what happened with that girl you brought the other night? Ray Well, nothingís really goiní on there lately. Snow Well, you know if I would be gettiní horny- even if it didnít work out- that phone would be ringiní! Ray Weíll see what happens. Ray walks over to his brother and puts his arm around him. Ron pushes it off. EXT Santa Monica Beach. Day. Sandra and Sara are lying out at the beach. Sandra I gotta admit I kind of miss him. Sara I think he misses you, too. Sandra Is that what he said? Sara Well, yeah. You know he totally likes you. He was so sweet on Saturday. I know he wanted to talk to you. Sandra Sara, do you want to go out with him now, or what? Sara sits up. She is a little surprised to hear this. Sara I actually hadnít thought about it. But seeing that you obviously arenít interested in him- or at least you wonít admit it- maybe heís better off with someone else! Sandra canít believe sheís hearing this. Sandra Oh, so youíre just gonna move right in on him, then? Fine. Have fun. Sara looks down in the sand. She regrets what she said. Sara Iím not gonna go after Ray, Sandra. You should know that. You wanna just blow him off? Fine. Iíll stay out of it. Sorry. They lie on the beach in silence. INT Soundstage. Day. Ardy is sitting in the holding area of a movie set. Other extras are sitting around, sleeping, talking, etc. They are dressed like space travelers. A Production Assistant comes in and calls for them. P.A. #1 Letís go! Youíre needed on the set! Letís go background! The extras are shuffled into the small set. Enter to reveal the Space Ship Set. INT Space Ship Set. Day. The set is a mock up of the bridge of a space ship. The extras are placed at chairs around the perimeter to look like they are operating some futuristic controls in the background. The P.A. places Ardy next to the principalís stand-in, George. George Hey! Howís it going, Ardy? Ardy Good, good. Real good. How long have you been working this? George Iíve been Hectorís stand-in for a few weeks. Itís been a rough one. Ardy Oh? I heard Hector Marin was on this. Is he that bad? George Heís out of control. He thinks heís the director, too. He hates extras. Ardy Really? Iíve never heard that before. The P.A. cries over to them P.A. Quiet on the set! First team in! George exits the set and Hector Marin comes in and stands where George was marked. Though Ardy is right next to him, Hector makes no attempt at eye contact or anything to Ardy. The P.A. directs the scene to Ardy. P.A. Okay, on action Hector will turn to you and give you an order and you just nod and exit left. No speaking, though, okay? Ardy No problem. The P.A. directs a few other extras and Hector just stares straight ahead while the crew sets up the shot. He ignores Ardy. First A.D. Rehearsalís up! Action! Hector turns to Ardy and looks up to give him his line. He sees Ardy and flubs his line. He is flustered and tries to blame it on Ardy. Hector We need supplies sent to... wait! Whatís he doing here? First A.D. We cut! Cut! P.A. Back to starting positions, background! Back to one, Ardy! Ardy is suprised to hear this. Ardy I havenít moved! Do you want me to start from somewhere else? Hector Yeah, get this lug out of here! Heís throwing off my timing! Ardy canít believe the nerve of this guy. He wants to say something but he is professional enough to keep his mouth shut. P.A.#1 Okay, Ardy, just like I said, okay? Ardy Fine, fine. No problem. They reset and the makeup and hair girls come in and touch up Hector. First A.D. Okay! Rehearsalís up! Action! Hector turns to Ardy. Hector We need supplies sent to the Zardax fleet. Send them at once! Ardy nods and exits in front of him as directed. Hector is furious that he was upstaged by Ardy. Hector What the hell is this guy doing? First A.D. Cut! Cut on rehearsal. Weíve cut! The P.A. comes over to Ardy, who canít believe how bad Hector is. P.A.#1 We need you to cross out behind him this time. Hector What, is this your first picture, dipshit? Listen to the directions! Ardy is very nearly at the end of his patience. He doesnít even look at Hector. He looks to the P.A. Ardy I know the directions. Do you want me to cross out behind him, then? P.A.#1 Yeah. On action just cross out left behind him. Ardy looks at him puzzled. Ardy Are you sure? You donít want me to wait for the line? P.A.#1 Oh, yeah. Yeah, just do it the same but cross out behind him, all right? Ardy Okay. They reset and get ready to do it again. First A.D. Okay, rehearsalís up! And... action! Hector turns to Ardy Hector We need supplies sent to the Zardax fleet. Send them at once! Ardy nods and exits out of frame behind him. He keeps walking right off the set. FOLLOW Ardy as he strips off his ridiculous space jumpsuit and walks right out of the soundstage. INT Rayís office. Day. Ray is on the phone at his cubicle. Ray Blacky? Hey this is Ray... Are you still good for today? Cool... Iíll be over in a few... yeah... bye. EXT House in Beverly Hills. Day. Rayís friend Blacky greets him at the front door. Blacky Hey whatís up boss? Come in. Ray Hey man. How are you? They are walking back to his bedroom in the back of the house. Blacky Real good. Just writing and workiní to sell my scripts with Mylo. Same stuff... How about you? Howís this job youíre doing? Ray sits down on Blackyís bed. Ray Good. Itís good to have a consistent job, you know? Itís cool because I can take a long lunch to go to an audition or whatever... Blacky Thatís cool... Ray So I was thinking about putting together something myself. You know, write a script- which Iím doing- and try to sell it and make it. What have you done to sell yours? Blacky Well mine hasnít actually sold yet. But I sold a few last year. Whatís your script about? Ray Itís basically just kinda writing my life down. Itís my first time actually writing one. Blacky Well when youíre done Iíd like to check it out. Ray Yeah. Definitely... How do feel about Weasel getting that part? Blacky Thatís awesome. Iím happy for him. Thatís a big break for him. Ray Yeah. They both sit in silence for a moment. Man, you know Iím happy for him but- it still really is depressing sometimes when someone you know gets a break like that. Oh well. Blacky and Ray sit again in silence. Blacky Itíll happen for us. Iím happy for him. Ray I remember your ten year reunion a couple years ago. Iíve got mine in just a few months. Itíll be cool that I was seen in a few movies here and there- but I was hoping Iíd be doing more than that by now. More than just an extra, you know? Itís like being on the football team on the sideline- but never getting into the game and making the star play... I guess Iíve got to just get over that... Iíve actually done okay, I guess. Blacky Youíre all right, Ray. INT Rayís Apt. Bedroom. Early evening. Rayís answering machine is picking up and Rayís friend, Ned, is leaving a message. Ned (on machine) Ray! Heh- heh. This is Ned. Youíve got to experience this club I was at last night. It was full of positive energy. I was getting all these spiriual vibes from the positve aura of the atmosphere. Heh- heh.- Ray enters with his groceries and picks up the phone. Ray Ned? Ned Ray! Youíre there? Cool. Heh. Ray settles into a seat. Ray Whatís up? Ned The energy, man. Youíve got to experience the vibe of this club. I had this little blonde flashing me all night- Ray Oh weíre going tonight. What is this place? Where is it? Ned Itís by your place in Santa Monica. ďThe Pink.Ē Heh- heh. Ray I think Iíve heard of it. Let me call you later after Iím done workiiní out and eatiní all right? Ned Cool. Heh. Ray Okay. See ya later. Ray hangs up. Flashback: INT Extraís Tent/Holding Area. Night. Ray and Ned are dressed as cops. Missy and Brenda are playing spades with them. Ray is giving Missy a backrub while they play. Missy Are they gonna use us tonight or what? Brenda (Looking at her watch) Probably not. Itís almost four. Weíll probably wrap in an hour. Ned Weíre getting paid to play Spades. Heh- heh. Ray Weíre cops. Spread Ďem, baby. Missy Ooh. Cuff me! Ray Oh yeah... Mmm. Baby. I want to- Missy Okay thatís enough. Brenda Anybody want to go over to craft service? Ray Nah, man. I ate too much of that lobster tonight. Ned Weíre spoiled. We had lobster for dinner tonight. Weíre extras. Heh. Missy gets up to go. Missy Letís go darliní. The girls leave. A P.A. comes over to the table. P.A.#2 Weíre needed on the set. Letís go! INT Rayís Apartment. Night. Ray lets Ned in and he comes in. Heís dressed for some trendy club dancing. Ned Dude, thereís also a Rave going on by my place after hours tonight. Ray Nah, man.The one we went to in the desert made me feel so old with all the kids... Ned That was so funny when you asked about those dust masks they were all wearing. I told my friends about that. I told you how they put vapor rub on the inside so they would inhale the vapors and get higher off the excstacy and you were like, ďWhat a bunch of fuckiní idiots!Ē That was hilarious. Ray Yeah. All right. Letís go check out this club. INT Rayís Apt. Bedroom. Late Night. Ray is at his apartment writing a letter. He finishes it and puts it in an envelope. CU of envelope as he addresses it to ďSandra Backland, Professional Go-Go ChickĒ and in the return address corner ďRay McQuayne, Crack Dealer Porno PimpĒ. He smiles to himself and goes to leave. EXT Sandraís studio complex. Security Gate. Night. Ray tries the door. Itís locked. He pulls it open and goes to the mail boxes. He finds Sandraís box and slides the letter in and leaves. INT Rayís Apt. Bedroom. Morning. Ray is awakened by the phone. Ray Ray McQuayne... Hey Rick! How ya doiní ďBigĒ Johnson? Yeah... yeah Iíll be right over. Bye. INT Big Johnsonís house. Day. Ray is greeted at the door by a boy, Jeremy. Jeremy Hi. My dadís downstairs. Ray Thanks. INT Big Johnsonís Office. Day. Ray enters the office of his friend, Rick ďBigĒ Johnson. Rick is typing on his computer. Rick Hey Ray. Thanks for coming over on short notice. Whew! Look at your hair! Get a haircut, man! Ray canít help but smile. Ray Listen to you. Yours was down to your shoulders just a year ago. Whatís up? Rick I need you to do payroll while Iím out of town. Iím taking the family to Havasu for a week and I need your help, if you would be so kind. Ray Sure. I mean, you know Iím working during the week but I can work my way around it. Rick Good. Great. I really appreciate it, Ray. Ray looks over at a poster board with pictures from a rehearsal of ďHamletĒ on it. CU of Rick with shoulder-length hair doing a scene with Ray with a buzz cut. Ray So when are we gonna do this again? Rick What? You mean the theater? Whenever somebody comes up with the money, man. Ray Yeah itís too bad things went the way they did. Rick Yeah it is. Ray You know Rick... I owe an awful lot to you for letting me be a part of that- and keeping me employed when you could. Rick wasnít expecting this kind of conversation. Rick You know how important youíve been to me and my company. Like I said before, just donít forget about me when you get to be a star, all right? Ray I wonít. You know I wonít. So... where are the job sites? INT Sandraís studio. Day. Sara has the letter Ray wrote to Sandra in her hand and is about to open it. Sara Are you sure you want me to read this? Sandra Yeah. Go ahead. Sara (reads aloud) ďSandra- I hope you feel comfortable hearing from me again. I know what itís like to have someone interested in me and how uncomfortable it makes me feel if I donít feel the same way. Because of that Iíve done my best to keep my distance. Seeing you the other night really made me feel awkward. I felt when I met you that we had a good relationship and it makes me sad now that I canít share that with you. Iím torn and it sucks. Iím trying to be realistic yet I keep having these crazy ideas that maybe we can be friends. Is it even a remote possibility? Talking to Sara the other night at the club gave me a hint that you might miss me just a little bit. Was that a delusion? Help me out here. Iíll admit I was a little angry about getting blown off before but Iím trying to understand. Please let me know how you feel and weíll both know. Signed Ray McQuayne, legend in his own mind.Ē Sandra is dazed. Snaps out of it and gets her address book. Sandra Here. Call him and tell him weíre going to the Beach Club tonight, and weíd like to see him there. Sara Are we gonna jump his bones? Sandra No, we wonít. But I might. INT Rayís car. Day. Ray is driving in the Palisades and he looks down to his pager which is vibrating. He then pulls up to the Jobsite. INT Jobsite. Day. Ray walks into a house being remodeled. Inside he greets the workers. Ray Ola, amigos! Rolando Hey Ray! How are you? Ray Iím good. Iíve just got some materials for you. There in the garage. Iíll be doing payroll for you on Monday, okay? Rolando Si, thatís okay. Youíll be here for Rick? Ray Si. Yeah. Iím gonna use the phone, all right? Rolando nods and Ray goes to the phone. He hears the message from Sara and his eyes light up. Heís got that smirky grin again. INT Beach Club. Night. Erasureís ďI Love to Hate YouĒ plays. Ray walks in and sees his friend Jose, who is a Latin spitting image for Morrissey. He approaches him. Jose Dude! Howís it going? Ray Morrissey! How are you doiní? Jose laughs. Jose Good. Man, I was wonderiní how youíve been. I got youíre messages after the Smithís convention.- Oh- and those pictures were rad! Ray So are you still engaged? Jose Oh yeah. We havenít set a date, but... Ray Well, Iíll tell you what: I donít know what it is, but lately Iíve been looking at women in a whole different way, man. Itís like, I see a girl and look at her like, ďhow would our kids look?Ē You know? Jose Totally, dude. Totally. They high five. Ray Itís like Iím hearing my male biological clock ticking. All of a sudden Iím really into this girl and I was actually really wigginí out when it didnít work out. Jose Really, was it that chick from the ReBar? Sheís fine, dude! Ray I know. I know. Iím totally sprung, too. They both notice some other people they know and go to greet them. EXT Beach Club. Night. Sandra and Sara are at the door. FOLLOW them as they pay and walk through the still fairly empty club to the dance floor. POV Sandra as she sees Ray talking closely to another couple of girls, Redhead chick and Gina. CU of Sandra, who is now unsure of her decision to meet him here. Sara There he is. Sandra I know I see him. He hasnít changed. Erasureís ďI Love To Hate YouĒ is amplified and closes out. The next song, The Cultís ďShe Sells SanctuaryĒ starts and Redhead chick grabs Ray and they all rush out to the dance floor. Ray is dancing aggressively to the music. Sandra and Sara watch him dance from afar: Sara It doesnít look like heís with them. Talk Talkís ďItís My LifeĒ comes on and Ray suddenly leaves the girls and goes to the pedestal alone. RACK FOCUS to Sandra at the edge of the floor. FOLLOW her as she approaches Ray at the pedestal and he turns to see her just as the lyrics start and he embraces her in stride and starts to lip sync the song and hold her to him. Ray I havenít felt like this with a girl for a long time. Sandra Iím sorry if I made you feel bad. I like you, too. He leans into her and kisses her. INT Sandraís Apt. Day. Ray and Sandra are sleeping in her bed. Ray wakes up and heads to her bathroom. Sandra wakes up. Sandra What do you have planned for today? Ray walks back out of the bathroom. Ray No basketball game tonight. I thought maybe Iíd ak this girl I kinda know if maybe she might want to go to the beach with me today. Sandra That might be a possibility. Ray And then maybe I was thinkiní about seeiní if maybe she might wanna, you know, have dinner with me, too. Sandra She might want to do that. Ray And then, well, maybe she might want to hang out with me for the rest of her life. Sandra She might think thatís a little sudden. EXT Malibu Beach Cliffs. Night. Ray and Sandra are looking out over the water. Maybe I found a girl like meÖ Ray holds Sandra to him. Heís got that smirk again. The Smithís ďHow Soon Is Now?Ē FADE OUT. CREDITS- MONTAGE OF CLIPS OF PERFORMERS AS ďEXTRASĒ OR BIT PLAYERS. Ray- ďHeatĒ Jared- ďDemolition ManĒ Weasel- ďDiggstownĒ Jose- ďE.R.Ē Rick- ďDukes of HazardĒ Ardy- ďCity of Lost ChildrenĒ Alec- ďMurder by NightĒ Blacky- ďSTUDSĒ Annette- ďLost AngelsĒ Ron- ďUW UPDATE- Open Forum on Cultural and Ethnic DiversityĒ Mary- ďLove LineĒ Kate- ďLove LineĒ Richard Blade- ďGirls Just Want To Have FunĒ Ryan- ďMalcom and EddieĒ Ned- ďVolcanoeĒ