Planet 80's and Candy-O
Thanksgiving Time
Rendesvous With Jen and New Friends
Thanksgiving Time

I had my Pre-Turkey Day Dinner at Chuck Weber's place and met some way cool people


This is Julie and Jose, DJ's for "London Is Dead" - an ALL SMITHS/MORRISSEY music club near my place. How cool is THAT??


This is Katya (blonde) and Linda (brunette)... they were guests of Chuck and his wife and also the # 2 rated college doubles tennis team from Oklahoma State. Katya is Russian. Linda is Czek. I was unsuccessful in my many attempts to get them to join me in a Hot Tub...



They were a tight little jazz trio that was real smoooooth...


This is Chuck Weber, a long-time friend and gracious host for a great Pre-Turkey Day Dinner


I'm desperately trying to convince Tom here to install a Hot Tub at his new pad in time for the girls' next visit to L.A. for a tennis tournament this next Spring ;^)


We were spoiled ROTTEN with world-class musicians- the Bass player had been playing in Japan, the Piano player was leaving for a European tour the next day and the Sax player had just played on Sybil Shepards jazz album...