Smiths/Morrissey Convention 2001

Here are some pix from the weekend of April 28th + 29th @ the Palace in Hollywierd!

Another year, another 1,500 fans - if you were there you just might be in one of these three pix of the opening line...

Here's the yearly pic with Tom the Moz look-a-like winner ... really NO CONTEST!!

It's great to catch up with other Moz fans like (L - R) :

Jen (Julian behind), me, Courtney, and Kendra

... And DAVE TSENG (center, with hot brunette friend), the creator of the fan web site was on hand for his first Con since '92...


"These Charming Men" travelled all the way from DUBLIN, IRELAND to entertain the crowd for two nights- they played great sets and were a "spot on" tribute to the Smiths and Morrissey!



The lads put on a great show and lead singer Richard really had Morrissey's moves down- and even the "Sweet and Tender Hooligan" Jose Maldonado rushed the stage and hugged Richard to show his support - and no animosity- to the Dubliners!

Before the first show, Jose and Dave Collett, SATH lead guitarist, made Richard of TCM feel welcome here to the States

The second night Jose played a short three-song solo accoustic set- an emotional one for him because it was the first Con in many years his band wasn't headlining- but he showed a lot of class by supporting "These Charming Men" and encouraging the crowd to do so as well...

Jose showed his admiration for TCM by rushing the stage

During and after the shows Richard was mobbed by the fans- evidenced by the many lipstick smears and tossled hair- but I was able to get a pic with him

This is Gavin, the "Johnny Marr" lead guitarist of TCM- and although he looks like I just sucker-punched him in the face in this picture- he was actually a very friendly guy- REALLY!

The guy on the right is Abrahan Garza- he and his friend on the left flew in from Houston, Texas for the Con

I believe this fan's nickname on Morrissey-Solo.Com is "Lifeguard Sleeping" - I hope this pic finds its way back to you online somehow!

I'll close this "photo album" out with another shot of me and Tom the Moz-a-like as the Con came to an end... another great gathering of Smiths and Morrissey fans of the world uniting and taking over!!