More Summer Fun at Work
Jim's New Car
Planet Earth

It was a great Summer this year!!

Lots of cool pix !

Well I turned 32 on June 12th and celebrated at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my friends Dawnie and Tim, Christel, Dean, Isaac, Nannette, and a surprise visit by my brother Jon and his gal pal Christina!!


I love my bro- I'm glad he's down here in L.A. with me- 1,000 miles from the place of our birth...

I inhaled my pasta!!

The happiest B-Day!!


Tim, Dawnie, and Christel (my date) YEAH, BABY!!

Now that is one fine Finnish woman ;^)


Yep it was a bitchin' dinner


... we took a hell of a lot of pix, that's for damn sure!


Nannette (babe), Isaac, and Dean

Kerri and Jim couldn't stay long- but I got some cool loot from him in the parking lot!!

... and later in August I got to celebrate CHRISTEL'S B-DAY at her place!!!