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Beatles Tribute band- "BackBeat"

Meet The BackBeat
Hey these guys have some catchy tunes- they just might go far!!!

St. Patrick's Day 2002 was spent watching UCLA stunningly beat Cincinatti in the NCAA Tournament and rockin' out with the excellent Beatles Tribut band "BackBeat" at Domenico's in Old Town Pasadena... It was my first time seeing them and I couldn't help but think of my Dad- who met the REAL Beatles when he was stationed in the Army in Hamburg in the early 60's and they weren't famous yet... They even remembered him a few years later when he worked the Seattle concert as a policeman and chatted with them briefly backstage!!

Day Tripper
... they were all SPOT-ON and stayed in character with improv in between songs

"Something" about this guy...
My Sweet Lord- George's musical spirit lives on


Link to BackBeat website

He is the Walrus
How UNCANNY is that??

Coming Together
... and that is there REAL hair!