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Back to Miami, baby!!

I went up to the 21st floor of my hotel and took a few shots: here is the Miami Herald building and a few cruise ships at the Port of Miami...


Pretty cool, huh?

There's that American Airlines Arena again...

I decided to go jump in the Atlantic Ocean.

Damn that felt good.

This is the lobby of some hotel in South Beach... It was like a club atmosphere with music and stuff back by the pool in back... pretty cool decor!!!

This was South Beach's Club Cameo and had 3,000 Spring Break Idiots inside...

I thought the ceiling was pretty interesting - so did all the hallucinating X'd-out kids...

Here at the corner of 5th and Washington (?) I caught a glimpse of the coolest car: click and enlarge the pick to look closely at that BITCHIN' WHITE LAMBORGHINI COUNTACHE


...that's ALMOST enough to give a GUY penis envy...

I said ALMOST ;^)

... and then I met Gudrun, a German BABE on Spring Break!!


Here's a snapshot of a corner of the club- basically the same as L.A. or Anytown, U.S.A. except the kids were far drunker/higher and the music was a Cuban/Salsa/Techno mix...

Well after a LONG night in South Beach and KILLER humidity I decided to call it a Vacation- and took one last pic in the Wyndham Hotel Lobby before checking out... all in all a GREAT time!!

Thanks for checking out the pix!!




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