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I took a five-day visit to MIAMI, FLORIDA... I also made a trip down to Key West and spent a lot of time in SOUTH BEACH ;^)

Priceline.Com ROCKS!

I got roundtrip airfare from L.A. to Miami for $245 - DIRECT FLIGHTS! I saved $1,900!!

I also got my room at the Wyndham Hotel (VERY nice) for $50 a night!!

And I even got a Budget Rent-a-Car for $23 a day!!

DUDE that does NOT suck!!

I took three rolls of pix- and the third roll isn't quite done yet- but I put the first two up in the "Photo Album" link at the top...

Thursday night: My flight came in around 11 pm and I caught a shuttle to the Budget Rent-a-car terminal. The line was LOOONG and in the thirty minute wait I chatted with a pretty woman, Tracy, in front of me and she offered me her cell # and suggested I visit Key West and that she would show me around. That was a good start...

My room at the Wyndam Hotel on Biscayne Blvd. in Downtown Miami was AWESOME! the walls facing South and West were all glass and I had a spectacular view of the City and even the Ocean/South Beach...

Friday: Hit the pool and napped and later went to a BritPop/New Wave club two blocks from my hotel called "Revolver". I danced my legs down to the knees until 3:30 AM... I met up with a fellow Smiths/Morrissey fan, Joel, who I met online and his friends and they were all pretty cool...

Saturday: Hit South Beach and all the toursity parts. Later I went on a 5 hour cruise that went 12 miles offshore and had Vega$-style gambling- I lost my self-imposed $100 max fairly quickly but it was still a lot of fun. The cruise was $5.95 and the dinner was $5.00 and the view of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean with the full moon was spectacular - but unfortunatley the night time pix didn't turn out ;^(

After the cruise I went back to South Beach and hit the trendy Ocean and Washington Avenues... Ocean Ave had about 20 blocks of Restaurants and bars and zillions of wild and crazy college Spring-Breakers... Washington Ave had about 20 blocks of Clubs and Beautiful People... By the time I got to Crobar- the hippest disco- it was already 3:30 am and I was exhausted - so I saved the $25 cover and called it a night...

Sunday: Called Tracy and headed down to Key West. The drive amazing. Passed a lot of the touristy South Florida places on the way like Coral Gables, the University of Miami, etc... Key West was stunning. Tracy was a very helpful tour guide ;^)

Monday: Went back to South Beach and met a HOT German girl named Gudrun and enjoyed the warm waves... Later went back to Crobar and danced to a strange mix of Cuban Salsa/Techno/House/whatever and finally succumbed to the humidity... it was STUFFY... But it was a fun time!!

Tuesday morning I got on the plane and headed back home- all in all a GREAT time!!