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Morrissey-Inspired Movie Screenings

Two films influenced my Morrissey were screened in Los Angeles recently: "Louder Than Bombs", and "My Life With Morrissey"

Louder Than Bombs Director Przemek Wojcieszek
myself, Przemek, and Dave Tseng of Morrissey-Solo.Com

Link to "Louder Than Bombs" film web site

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My Review of "Louder Than Bombs" @ The Egyptian in Los Angeles (Feb. 7) fans united and took over the Egyptian last night... It appeared that about 100 Moz fans made there way to the screening last night and afterward in the question-and-answer session one fan even noted that to the Director, Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, who was quick to thank Dave Tseng for his wonderful site and publicity it generated for his film.

Onto the reviews:

They opened with a short claymation film, "Vessel Wrestling" that was an art film you might see in "Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation"- with some strange and disturbing images that had the audience striving to appear erudite but elicited a few puzzled and alarmed gasps in between moments of dark splendor... the Director, Lisa Yu was introduced to the audience with a shock of a red Mohawk and was very gracious and personable to those in attendance.

The main feature, "Louder Than Bombs" opened just as a Smiths fan would like: a tight close-up of the hunched up male lead, Marcin (Rafal Mackowiak), set up exactly like the debut album cover shot- then panning back to reveal the distraught young man mourning the loss of his recently deceased father. His stunning girlfriend Kaska (Sylwia Juszczak) appears shortly after and the chemistry these two have throughout the piece is the stuff of what films are made for. The many references to James Dean/Smths/Morrissey/Elvis throughout the film caused many knowing snickers in the crowd- we had a perfect audience - Wojcieszek acknowledged this later and added that he had secured rights to include snippets of Smiths/Moz music in the film initially but unfortunately had to remove them after the fact when the record execs puzzlingly decided to pull them without even seeing the film.

The shoe-string budget was stretched over a 16-day shoot in 3 principal locations and all were melded together to make a wonderful "small-town " story from a universal theme of passionate love and possible abandonment carried by the many strong performances throughout. The supporting roles were played with relish by a mix of veteran Polish film actors and amateurs that were definitely up to the task, including a cameo by a great rock-a-billy band, the Comets.

It was great to have so many like-minded fans in one place for this film.

I highly recommend it!


"My Life With Morrissey" screening - the fans
hey! that almost-clever Lawyer covering his face plays rythym guitar in a local Smiths cover band...

were YOU there??

they ended up sitting people on the floor- and turning away several more...

the stars pose with Dave Tseng from Morrissey-Solo
most of the audience learned of the screening on Dave's Moz web site

Pix from the screening
The film's stars: Jose Maldonado and Jackie!

Link to "My Life With Morrissey" film web site

My Review of "My Life With Morrissey" (rough cut screening)

Talk about CAMP.

This movie made John Waters films look like something from DISNEY...

To say that it was "over-the-top" would be the understatement of the new millennium to say the least.

It started with a great turnout- fortunately I called ahead to warn them that 33 seats wouldn't be enough- and they were able to secure the neighboring screening room to boost capacity to 57- which was overflowed with several more seated on the floor with even more turned away. The crowd was mostly "" and when I announced Dave Tseng was in the audience everyone applauded... assorted pix below!

Oh that's right- there was a movie, too...

It started with a shot of the heroine, Jackie, sprawled out in her bedroom waking up to a new day with her many Morrissey posters, pins, pictures and assorted other memorabilia scattered about. She gets ready for work and kisses all of her Moz pics on the way out the door- and then comes back in and gives a hint of what is to come throughout the film buy lunging back into the frame and tonguing the posters with relish... the initial shock of the audience never really wore off as her downward spiral of obsession is graphically displayed in alarming detail. The characters in her office are equally violently over-acted: you could tell everyone had a riot filming this, holding absolutely NOTHING back.

Things REALLY got racy once she finally meets Moz (played by a Sweet and Tender Hooligan, Jose Maldonado, who kept his "cameo" part filmed last Summer a secret from EVERYONE- including his own band- until word leaked out a few days ago). She goes around the known Moz haunts around L.A. religiously until her odyssey leads her to a HOT DOG STAND where the Pope of Mope apparently was eating a tofu dog. She doesn't see him at first but she does see the meatless weenie and proceeds to felate it unaware that he is watching from afar- and to her amazement: appears and offers her a ride home.

From here the film goes REALLY psycho.... She is now convinced that she is engaged to him and the fantasies get even more bizarre, if that's possible, including vibrators, inflatable love dolls with Moz' face plastered on them, and slippery shower heads. Fortunately all of the self-love sex is implied and thus keeps this film out of the porn section.

Her return to the office is even more outrageous as she literally goes postal on her co-workers. Just when you think she can't push the envelope any further: it's hurled with fascinating abandon. This was a car wreck that one simply couldn't take one's eyes away from- WHAT INSANE THING WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

A tour-de-force in extreme acting and dialogue. A MUST-SEE for low-budget Indie film lovers that have any shred of an interest in the Cult of Morrissey.


After the show
Dave, Jen Williamson, [blurrred-out person who didn't like her picture], me, Jose