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X-Mas Time 2001
L.A. X-Mas Time Fun

Before my annual quick visit to Seattle I did some L.A. festivities...


Vega$ DJ Scotty Boy was back in L.A. for a visit and here I am trying to keep someone from crossing into our pic at the West End- an old spinning ground for him back in the day...


Nanette invited me to a Holiday Party and boy did she look wonderful ... YUMMM!! but hey we're JUST FRIENDS!!


These women are so damn cute I just want to VOMIT


We got THIS one RIGHT


And just LOOK who showed up at the West End that night- one Sheryl Papia, an exotic individual I had not seen/spoken to in a YEAR...


That is "Automatic Hotel" lead-singer Mike Henry sneaking into the picture... we go way back to the early 90's "Re-Bar" days with his former band, 'Time In The Black" ... damn... time WAS in the black back then.. what happened to us all??