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X-Mas Time 2001

I made my yearly visit to Seattle and even caught up with some "lost" friends up there and here in L.A. as well!

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Here we are with my Dad and Karen and Mary and Bill Woodward, my Step-Grandparents


Here we are with Mom and Dean and Jill and James

The guy on the left is my high-school buddy Brian Fischer... I hadn't caught up with him in years- so we met up with my bro Jon and his gal-pal Kristina @ the "VOGUE" in Seattle's Capital Hill...


Jon brought his girlfriend Kristina up for all the family fun ;^)


Later I ran into a friend of mine from HIGH SCHOOL- Mark McAndrews- who actually hired me at Nordstrom's for X-Mas time sales help in '96... it's cool to run into old familiar faces!