Planet 80's and Candy-O
Thanksgiving Time
Rendesvous With Jen and New Friends
Planet 80's and Candy-O

Here's some more pix!

Hey look at those Wild Boys - formerly a Duran Duran cover band- now known as "Planet 80's" - playing ALL New Wave 80's classics

These guys had us partying like it was 1999!!

This dude with the "Flock of Seagulls" hairdo is Bjorn - an excellent guitarist who has been spotted at a few Christel parties rockin' out with yours truly on vocals...

Small world: Bjorn the lead guitarist recently met lead singer Jason "Simon Le Bon" through an ad in the paper- and we had several mutual friends so it's one big happy New Wave Family...


Our group was front and center for a crowded gig

Next on was "Candy-O" a GREAT tribute to the Cars...


Unfortunatelyt we only caught the first set- we'll catch the 2nd set next time...

They were "Just What We Needed"