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Thanksgiving Time
Rendesvous With Jen and New Friends
Rendesvous With Jen and New Friends

My friend Jen from New York recently moved to L.A. to become a Talent Agent- who knows? Maybe someday she'll represent ME ;^)


WOW! Look at Jen! She has had a nose job since I met up with her in New York City in Summer '00... Now she's an L.A. Woman ;^)


Jen's new boyfriend Paul here knew the Film Producer hosting this party in a multi-zillion $ home with a view, etc. TO DIE FOR and I stupidly DIDN'T take any pix of it.... oh, well we had a GREAT TIME- thanx for checking out the latest pix!



Jen introduced me to her friend Ines, a very beautiful and piano-playing BABE


Did I mention that she's a BABE??